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All Things All Elite: August 5th, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: August 5th, 2020

Get caught up on everything that happened in All Elite Wrestling this week before tonight’s Dynamite!

Welcome back to All Things All Elite. This week, AEW Dark saw the exciting return of TH2 — it’s been a long time, so it’s exciting to see them back. Also on Dark was a Dynamite-quality match in The Butcher and The Blade vs. Private Party. In addition, the Women’s Tag Tournament began on Monday, which you should absolutely watch. So go ahead, check out all that happened this week and get ready for Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • Nick Jackson practices some old school wrestling, resisting the urge to do high spots.
  • John Silver and Alex Reynolds are reading a book with a piece of paper taped on the cover that says ‘The Bible’. The Young Bucks are excited to see they’re Christian. The Young Bucks asks them what their favorite verse is, catch them in their lie and walk away. Brodie Lee yells at the two again for being incompetent. 
  • Nick Jackson asks Frankie Kazarian (who is 50) what old people like in order to win the 50+ demo in the ratings. Frankie agrees, walks away and then panics because he has no idea what the 50+ demo likes. He decides 50+ people like infomercials.
  • The Bucks congratulate Kenny/Hangman on the win from last week. FTR comes in and does the same. They apologize to The Bucks and Kenny and give them chocolate milk. Kenny drinks chocolate milk extremely weird, spitting out half of each swig.
  • The Dark Order members decide they need to suck up to Brodie Lee. Griff Garrison is once again kicked out and mistaken for Jungle Boy.
  • Matt Hardy apologies to the Young Bucks for not pulling his weight. He talks about how he wants to do his multiverse gimmick but he doesn’t want to go against what other people want. Matt says he should be more grounded in reality and walks out….
  • …and then immediately comes back in as Big Money Matt and talks to Nick. Matt Jackson is unable to see him. Big Money Matt leaves and comes back as Version 1. Nick can’t see him now but Matt Jackson can. Finally, Broken Matt appears to both Jacksons. Brandon Cutler walks in, and can’t see Hardy.
  • Colt Cabana goes into Kenny’s room. Kenny is not there, Colt decides to wait for him, so he snuggles up on the couch using Kenny’s belt as a pillow and turns off the lights for a nap.
  • Cutler sees Best Friends walking past and realizes they’re on their way to kill him so they won’t have to do a BTE bit, so he hides then follows them. They accidentally attack Colt Cabana instead. They come out covered in blood and realize that Cutler was not the one they attacked.

AEW Dark

  • Scorpio Sky def. Will Hobbs
  • Scorpio cut a promo claiming he is the king of AEW Dark. He then claims that he is so much better than simply being the king of Dark because he is the only person other than Moxley who has pinned Chris Jericho.
  • The Gunn Club def. Aaron Solow and Serpentico
  • Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela def. The Initiative
  • Abadon def. Kilynn King
  • Jack Evans def. QT Marshall. Angélico was able to sneak a kick in when the ref was distracted so Jack Evans could get the pin.
  • FTR def. Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison
  • The Butcher and The Blade def. Private Party

Women’s Tag Tournament

  • Nightmare Sisters def. Mel and Penelope Ford. The sisters are starting to really gel. The ref was distracted by Allie and Penelope brawling and didn’t see Mel get a three count on Brandi. Brandi ended up getting the pin on Mel.
  • Tay Conti and Anna Jay def. Ariane Andrew and Nyla Rose. Viewers may remember that last we saw Jay, she was walking away with the Dark Order after a lost match. The Order came out with her, but to her music and she had no mask on. Commentators speculated if she had joined. 
  • Backstage interview with Nightmare Sisters. Brandi bragged about how she was amazing tonight. She talked about how great she is in and outside of the ring. Allie was annoyed that Brandi was obsessed with herself. Could Brandi actually become heel as Allie becomes face?
  • Anna and Tay give an interview where they look strong as a team. Anna avoids all questions asking if she has joined the Dark Order.

Sammy’s Vlog

  • Sammy Guevara walks in on Marko Stunt talking dramatically about how kayfabe needs to be kept and how Sammy and Marko shouldn’t be friends. Sammy is confused and it’s revealed Marko is reading YouTube comments. He’s worried Sammy is better friends with this “Kayfabe” guy than he is with him, and walks out.
  • Jungle Boy gets mistaken for Griff Garrison.
  • Marko and Sammy continue to hang out and Marko has fun jumping around naked, as seen in the thumbnail.
  • Sammy is upset with QT about his new shirt featuring a joke about Sammy getting hit by a car. QT explains if he acts mad about the shirt, people will buy it, thus giving Sammy a lot of merch money.
  • Kip Sabian has a brief feud with the TV camera.
  • Marko Stunt gets Sammy an AEW action figure as a present. Sammy immediately walks out of the room, comes back with it and re-gifts it to Marko, pretending they just happened to get each other the same thing.


All Things All Elite: August 5th, 2020
  • Above we have a two tweets from Hangman, the second of which was deleted. Perhaps he thought it was a bit too on the nose, or he was in character when he decided to delete it, realizing it was revealing his feelings about The Elite too much.
  • Darby does a fun short promo for the AEW toy lines coming up, but fails to display good mask safety. Over the nose, Darby!
  • After AEW Dark, Cutler, Cutler, Librarians, Colt Cabana, and Best Friends played D&D
  • Colt is happy with his new cool friends, The Dark Order.
  • Sonny Kiss on this week’s AEW podcast.
  • Matt Cardona was on Shot of Brandi.

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