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All Things All Elite: August 27, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: August 27, 2020

We’re less than a week out from last week’s Dynamite due to scheduling conflicts, but there’s still lots to talk about!

Good afternoon, All Elite Wrestling fans! This week is a bit slim as it hasn’t actually been a full week since the last Dynamite, but nevertheless, here is your rundown of what’s going on with AEW this week. They are pushing the Sammy Guevara/Matt Hardy match hard, with multiple promos and video packages. Dark is slowly starting to include some actual non-squash matches. And if you can only watch one thing this week, I highly recommend watching the Dark Order bits of BTE, as they are hilarious. Have a great Thursday, everyone, and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being the Elite

  • The Dark Order celebrate Brodie Lee’s victory by buying Chili’s and talking about what they did with the million dollars they each got from the Chili’s commercial they did. The whole skit is gold.
  • Brandon Cutler congratulates Peter Avalon for deciding not to cheat in last week’s AEW Dark match. Avalon then rants at Cutler that he regrets not cheating because he wants a win. He’s sick and tired of losing and desperately needs to get a win on his record. It’s surprisingly emotional honestly, and it really adds to the current Cutler/Avalon plot. Avalon leaves upset and Cutler leaves exasperated, leaving Leva Bates to just kind of mull over what just happened.
  • Matt Hardy rants to the Bucks that he absolutely hates Sammy Guevara, and that Sammy doesn’t deserve to be in AEW. He describes how he’s going to beat Sammy to a pulp and crack him open and asks the Bucks to fire Sammy.
  • Christopher Daniels does an ad for a Life Alert-style help button, but instead of pressing it if you fall, it’s for when you bump and are unable to get back up.
  • Alex and Ortiz do their segment over Zoom, but Santana doesn’t show up. Instead, they get Sammy to come on, who then gets Jake Hager on. Willie Urbina of the Spanish announce team hops on, and says he got an invite. Marko logs on by accident as well. The group starts talking rumors about the Dark Order only to be interrupted by Reynolds and Silver appearing on the Zoom call as well.
  • Kenny and Hangman are walking around when suddenly Madusa (Alundra Blayze) pops up out of nowhere. Kenny and Hangman try to avoid eye contact, but Hangman accidentally looks into her eyes and turns to stone. Kenny is devastated.
  • Best Friends try once again to capture and kill Brandon Cutler with a small plastic crate propped up by a stick with a piece of paper that says ‘dumb D&D sheet thing’ as bait. Cutler takes it, not triggering the tiny trap, and walks off. Best Friends are unsure why their trap didn’t work.
  • Colt Cabana is at the doctor with a bunch of gold aluminum foil on his head, demanding that the doctor fix all the gold melted on his face from the Best Friends. The doctor starts to chisel the “gold” away.

AEW Dark

  • Best Friends def. Storm Thomas and Demetri Jackson 
  • Shawn Spears def. Jesse Sorensen. Shawn once again has a post-match attack, using the glove for that and not actually needing it to win.
  • Mel def. Red Velvet
  • Lance Archer def. D3
  • Luther and Serpentico def. The Initiative
  • Nyla Rose def. KiLynn King
  • Gunn Club def. Baron Black and Frank Stone
  • Penelope Ford def. Heater Monroe
  • Santana and Ortiz def. The Metro Brothers
  • Ricky Starks def. Shawn Dean
  • Jack Hager def. Marko Stunt. Hager started a post-match beatdown, but was scared away by the Jurassic Express.
  • Frankie Kazarian def. Kip Sabian. Kip loses despite a couple attempts to cheat.
  • TH2 def. Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • AEW tweeted out a video package for Sammy vs. Hardy.
  • MJF has been pushing the petition to ban the Paradigm Shift a lot on Twitter. Feel free to scroll through his whole feed the past week — there’s some good stuff in there.
  • Last week’s episode of AEW’s podcast dropped in time for last week’s All Things All Elite, but I seem to have forgotten about it. Anyway, here is the YouTube version that dropped on Monday with Sammy!
  • Matt Hardy cuts another promo on Sammy.

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