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‘First One In’ review: Serves laughs in hilarious movie

Back and forth laughs.

Now more than ever, it is important to watch a silly comedy. Something that allows a person to turn off their brains and just laugh. No scares or drama, just a bunch of wisecracks. First One In is about a woman named Maddie (Kat Foster). After accidentally killing an endangered animal on national television, she becomes hated by the entire country. Circumstances lead her to a tennis tournament that could change her life.

Initially, the movie seems like it has a message. Everyone loves the reality show Maddie was on. They take what she did so seriously, she is unable to leave her house without being accosted. It is an over the top situation, but First One In clearly seems to have something to say. Plus, there is some truth there. People love their reality TV and it does influence their thinking.

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There is definitely meaning to be gleaned from the opening, but it is just the set up for the actual plot. The film may have something to say, but tit does not want to use the entire film to do it. It is the first example of how silly things are going to be. And First One In is better for it. Instead of focusing on a message, the script concentrates on its comedy.

First One In is filled with memorable characters. The two leads are fantastic. Foster is incredibly funny. She has a number of witty back and forths with seemingly everyone in the cast. She also has a charm that effortlessly wins the audience over. Georgia King is tremendous in the role of Bobbi Mason. She walks the thin line between being an antagonist that is too funny. Bobbi delivers some of the best lines of First One In. It can be a difficult task, but the writing does a perfect job of making audiences laugh and dislike Bobbi.

The supporting characters also add to First One In. From odd receptionists to vulgar children, everyone in the movie is hilarious. Throwing this many silly characters risks burning out the audience, but it works here. The story is the basic underdog story. There are lies, underhanded tactics, and teammates propping  each other up. A subplot  involving a rich single father and a quickly resolved ending are also noticeable. Even then, First One In is very enjoyable.

An odd issue comedies have to be wary of is being too silly. Throwing too much at the audience leads to a tryhard feeling and diminishes all the jokes. First One In is a constant stream of jokes that work very well. There are great characters and plenty of laugh out loud funny moments. While the story may be paint by numbers, its message of friendship is one that will be appreciated by all who watch.

first one in
‘First One In’ review: Serves laughs in hilarious movie
First One In
A cast of great characters and a constant stream of funny jokes makes this a bright spot in any year. You will laugh out loud.
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Eschews forced in romance to focus on friendship
Very funny
Speeds through the ending

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