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‘Elodie’ review: A personal look at the creation of art

A neo noir about making art?

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Elodie is a movie that wears its influences on its sleeve. While the story does not directly reference any particular film, it’s look and feel is straight off the stage. This makes sense being that the movie is about a playwright. Sabrina Stone’s career seems to be heading in the right direction. Instead, her big break seems to be the beginning of a new set of problems. The night her play (the Elodie of the film’s title) her inner circle of friends begins to fall apart. When a character from her play asks for her assistance, Sabrina enters a world that blurs the lines between fact and fiction.

Director Daniel Ziegler does a great job with the film’s lighting. Many moments are lit like a play. Characters are given the spotlight instead of interiors just being well shot. The colors also signify the emotion and turmoil the cast Ian going through. Elodie’s many black and white scenes also look great. Again, the influence is clear here. The use of shadows is straight out of a classic noir. It can be hard for a movie to switch between color and black and white, but Ziegler does so effortlessly.

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The story is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is a straightforward noir that fans of the genre will readily enjoy. Elodie does suffer from erratic pacing, however. The movie alternates between taking time to tell its story and rushing into revelations. This makes some moments anticlimactic. That being said, the movie never stops being engaging.

Even in Elodie’s roughest moments, the score never fails to impress. There is a stage play quality to the music. It can be overpowering at times but it also always adds to the power of the moment. The plot also proves how a well crafted story can take a movie a long way. Elodie is flawed, but the pros far outweigh the cons. It’s obvious noir influences along with its more subtle tale on the creation of art make this an interesting watch.


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