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[Fantastic Fest] ‘Teddy’ review: French werewolf movie is a Fantastic start

Say no to the wolf.

More than the other classic monsters, werewolves seem to be rife with comedic possibilities. This has been seen in many of the family friendly and funny werewolf movies that have been released.There may be an animal magnetism to them, but they are definitely not the sexy beasts that vampires are, however.

Teddy is a French horror movie that revisits this stereotype. The title character is a young man who lives with a foster family. After an encounter with a wolf (or a dog, as Teddy insists), Teddy seems to be going through some familiar changes.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so this may not win sexiest werewolf movie of all time. What is obvious is how the first scenes involving Teddy’s change during sexually charged moments. These add a different kind of tension to the standard werewolf movie. Teddy is become more primal and listening to his baser instincts. 

The characters are what make Teddy stand apart. Teddy is a likable character who is easy to root for. He is charming and funny and is a great main character. His foster father Pepin may arguably be the highlight of the movie. The chemistry between him and Teddy is fantastic.

But what makes the character work so well are his mannerisms. He inadvertently makes himself the butt of the joke, yet is never someone the audience wants to laugh at. He may seem pitiful, but instead comes off as empathetic. Pepin is one of the most interesting people to be seen in a werewolf movie.

[Fantastic Fest] 'Teddy' review: French werewolf movie is a Fantastic start

Teddy sounds like it is going to be a standard werewolf movie – and for good reason. Teddy wakes up in strange places with no memory covered in blood, he begins to feel physically awesome, and there is the one suspicious person no one believes. There is a sameness to the movie that will be comforting to some and bland to others.

Ultimately, the story will win everyone over with its different take on the genre. Part coming of age story, part comedy, Teddy is much more than a typical werewolf film. It is more about the characters than the actual horror aspects. This all culminates in an ending that is unexpected but conversely makes perfect sense.

There are some genres that will immediately make some fans say, “Another one?” These movies have to try extra hard to impress their audience. Teddy uses engaging characters and a very non werewolf story to do just that. 

[Fantastic Fest] ‘Teddy’ review: French werewolf movie is a Fantastic start
A French werewolf movie that takes its influences from a number of genres to make a fun, unique, and tragic movie. Just like the genre should be.
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Strong performances
Unique storytelling
Those looking for the sheer violence associated with werewolves will be disappointed

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