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All Things All Elite: October 7th, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: October 7th, 2020

Catch up on Jericho’s 30 year anniversary, the new BTE belt, and more leading into tonight’s All Elite Wrestling Dynamite!

Good afternoon, everyone! It is once again that magical day of the week, Wednesday. Last night, we had another episode of AEW Dark that was pretty good, featuring some promos and building up a match or two as well. It also had a promo from Eddie Kingston which looks to be playing into a plot we will see on Dynamite. Also, a new belt for Being the Elite! You can win it by winning any sort of competition, not just a wrestling match. So check out what happened this week and get ready for Dynamite tonight!

Being the Elite

  • Colt Cabana is still trapped in a body that looks just like Michael Nakazawa. Matt Sydal comes up to Cabana (as Nakazawa) and starts chewing him out. Colt is able to convenience him he is not Nakazawa and walks away. A second later the real Nakazawa walks along from the other side of the screen. Sydal is more confused as the real Nakazawa appears to not know anything about Colt and Matt is not sure who is who.
  • John Silver and Five try to recruit Sammy Guevara. Silver takes the lead since he knows all the cool lingo that the kids know. Five keeps interrupting, trying to be cool and Silver keeps pulling him aside and cursing him out. Sammy says he probably would have joined if it wasn’t for the fact that Five (who he calls a big loser) is in it too.
  • Jungle Express and Tay Conti are hanging out at the bar. Marko is bartending. Luchasaurus asks Conti to join the Jungle Express. Conti seems interested, but Anna Jay comes in and drags Conti away before she can say yes.
  • The Young Bucks reluctantly start to do a vlog. Brandon comes into the room with a present, which turns out to be a BTE Championship belt. Brandon says that this belt is to be defended not just in wrestling matches, but in any kind of competition. The Bucks are suddenly interested.
  • Speaking Spanglish does another parody of an iPhone with a Siri replacement called “Smart Mark” and a phone that is five times as large.
  • Dark Order are working out and being silly when Brodie Lee walks in and tells them all to shut up. Brodie tells them to put more weight on the bench press and has Anna Jay come over to do reps, which she does effortlessly. Evil Uno tries to do it and fails miserably.
  • Matt Jackson pulls out his phone and shows us the following screenshots:
All Things All Elite: October 7th, 2020
  • Cut to the segment from last week where Hangman realizes that Kenny is in the tournament for the championship shot. Hangman walks out of the venue and Brandon walks after him, trying to convenience Hangman he didn’t know anything about this. Hangman says it doesn’t matter, he knows he is a piece of sh*t but so are the Bucks and Kenny. 
  • Hangman then berates Brandon and points out that they don’t think anything about Brandon either, they don’t actually value him or care about him. Brandon tries to protest by saying the Bucks went to see his match. Hangman points out that they didn’t help, they just went to watch, not to help out in his corner. He says they don’t care about Brandon at all.

AEW Dark

  • Brandi Rhodes def. Kenzie Paige. Anna Jay attacked Brandi after the match and Red Velvet ran in to help save Brandi.
  • Jurassic Express def. Eric Watts and Ray Rosas
  • Chaos Project def. Anthony Bowens and Lee Johnson
  • Will Hobbs def. Ryzin
  • Eddie Kingston calls Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss clowns and that they take everything as a joke. He yells (with a scary intensity) that they should not treat the Lucha Bros as a joke. He says that there are levels to this game and Janela/Sonny are not at all on the same level as the Lucha Bros.
  • John Silver def. QT Marshall. That’s right Silver, got a win! Evil Uno was ringside coaching him. Grayson, Five, and Ten all got involved, QT was able to take out all of them but had spent all his energy dealing with them, so Silver was able to finally get the pin.
  • Brian Pillman, Jr. and Griff Garrison def. David Ali and Cezar Bononi
  • Big Swole def. Skyler Moore
  • Matt Sydal def. Michael Nakazawa. Nakazawa tries to sneak baby oil onto the turnbuckle again (as he did for All Out, the kayfabe reason why Sydal botched his shooting star press). Matt goes up to do his shooting star press again but notices the baby oil. Ends up making Michael tap out.
  • Eddie Kingston def. M’Badu. After Eddie wins he takes the mic and says Mox was supposed to take everyone to the promised land but left him and others behind. So for that he’s going to make Moxley say “I quit” in front of everyone.
  • Angelico def. Shawn Dean
  • Lucha Bros def. Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

Road to Jericho 30

  • Promo for Cody vs Brodie Lee. It was all just clips of the feud so far between The Dark Order and The Nightmare Family. Arn Anderson talks about why dog collars matches aren’t done often (because it’s extremely dangerous). Arn says that Cody didn’t ask him if he should do this. It’s obvious Arn does not approve of this. Talks about how the dog collar is going to limit Cody’s ability in the ring and play into Brodie Lee’s strengths. Arn says this isn’t about Cody winning the title belt or anything other than winning his own self respect back.
  • Cody talks about how the chain is meant to hurt. That this is not a good idea for either person. Cody then says if he wants to save face and if he wants to still be the face of AEW he HAS to win this.
  • Many wrestlers talk about how Jericho has impacted their own careers and their own drives to be better as wrestlers. They all talk about their favorite Jericho moments. Everyone, faces and heels, talk about how Jericho has impacted them.
  • Jericho discusses Luther, and talks about how Luther has dominated in Japan and the indie circuit. He acknowledges that Luther hasn’t gotten traction on AEW yet but implies that Luther is good enough to be up there with the top AEW stars.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • MJF insists to Meltzer he is family friendly.
  • For those interested in watching AEW wrestlers stream, Cutler has started a playlist on YouTube of past streams. Everyone in the group also streams on their respective Twitch accounts as well.
  • Hangman seems to be getting into the Halloween mood.
  • Brodie Lee seems to be implying certain things (to put it delicately) about Cody.
  • Some of the AEW wrestlers try to remember the lyrics to “Judas”.
  • Jungle Boy is on Shot of Brandi.

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