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'Hellions' #5 adds another Sinister secret to the pile

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‘Hellions’ #5 adds another Sinister secret to the pile

Mr. Sinister is up to no good in Hellions #5, but what else is new? Well, this secret sure is new!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more, read our review of Hellions #5.

Hellions is without a doubt one of the most surprising and entertaining reads in the X-Men line. The characters are evil (well, most of them), total jerks, and otherwise, the outcasts who somehow managed to get a team. They can barely manage together and have so far taken huge losses on their first mission and their “leader” Mr. Sinister didn’t even go with them to fight Madelyne Pryor.

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In Hellions #5, we find out they’re on a new mission due to X of Swords and Mr. Sinister is leading the way. Personally. For a guy who is usually hands-off when it comes to fighting that comes as a surprise.

That’s why a new little secret is so so important. Midway through the book Mr. Sinister is found talking to himself.

Helions #5

Credit: Marvel Comics

But wait, someone is there. It’s himself! He’s cloned himself and attempting to tell the clone he’s going on this mission to Otherworld.

'Hellions' #5 adds another Sinister secret to the pile

Credit: Marvel Comics

This new Mr. Sinister doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to die on some suicide mission. You can’t blame him, but you can blame him for the next thing he did which is where his latest secret comes in. Writer Zeb Wells and artist Carmen Carnero reveal Mr. Sinister has a clone farm in the basement! And that’s not all, it’s plain as day Mr. Sinister is cloning other mutants, or at least a few of them don’t look like himself. Tisk, tisk, that’s an evil move for a guy on the Quiet Council.

'Hellions' #5 adds another Sinister secret to the pile

Credit: Marvel Comics

After a few old-man jokes–the clone is younger after all–the two decide to figure out who will be going to Otherworld like gentlemen. With rock, paper, scissors of course!

Hellions #5

Credit: Marvel Comics

This brings up another secret of sorts since it shows the Mr. Sinister heading off to Otherworld may not even be the main Mr. Sinister who started the comic. That puts any harm or death Mr. Sinister goes through into perspective.

If he doesn’t make it in Otherworld–and he won’t be resurrected by Xavier and the Five since the protocols are on hold after what happened in X-Factor #4–could the “main” Mr. Sinister die or would it be the cone? At this point, does it even matter since the Mr. Sinister that started this comic may have been a clone himself? Dang, this Sinister secret is confusing!

Regardless, this is only a sliver of the story in Hellions #5, and I highly recommend you read the entire issue to get the full effect and to not miss a second of the great issue.


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