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[FAFF] ‘Shocking Ass Shorts: Vol. 2′ review’: Slashers and the return of a scream queen

Slasher shorts and a horror icon take center stage in Volume 2.

This year’s Frightening Ass Film Fest showcases  two collections of short films. Shocking Ass Shorts Volume 2 features several films from a variety of creative minds. Ranging from the darkly creepy to the sinister and strange, Volume 2 will entertain audiences with its throwback to slasher films, a short film starring a horror icon, and a mini anthology.

Volume 2 features some fund stories about ambition gone wrong. Cassette is a short film about an aspiring filmmaker who longs to work at a video store hoping he will find inspiration. Cassette has some very charming storytelling and characters, giving it the feel of an old Tales from the Darkside episode. Written and directed by Ilya Pilyakov, Cassette is a fun fantasy film that cautions about the dangers of getting too caught up in your passion.

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Welcome to Helltown also has a nostalgic quality to it. Toby Radliff narrates three creepy tales: “The Grassman”, “The Neighbors”, and “The Motel”. Toby Radliff tells these tales with unrelenting sincerity that is engaging for the viewer. “The Grassman’ follows two cryptozoologists on their quest for the legendary Grassman, while “The Neighbors” warns against being too nosy. The tales lead up to a Psycho inspired mini short “The Motel.” There is more than one homicidal maniac lurking on the premise. “The Motel” pairs well with No One is Coming, a film about a young woman who has a very unwelcome and deadly guest. No One is Coming has some great action and gore.

One of the most anticipated shorts of the festival is Cottonmouth. Cottonmouth stars Heather Langenkamp of Nightmare on Elm Street. Langenkamp’s gives a strong performance as a woman who suspects someone or something is drinking her water while she sleeps. Suspenseful and eerie, Cottonmouth is a surprising film about the realization of your worst fears.

While there are comedies, there are also some very grim shorts like Bloodshed and Seek, that work on building up suspense. Some of the films will bring laughs and some will bring screams. Shocking Ass Shorts Volume 2 delivers entertainment and innovative ideas and styles to the Frightening Ass Film Fest. 

A reverse nostalgia tale

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