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‘Cyst’ review: Pimple poppin’ fun

But what about bot flies?

Cyst is a horror movie that tells a person everything they need to know about it with its title. Can a movie with that name be anything other than a gross out horror movie? (Possibly, a YouTube video, but it would still require an over the top adjective.) The movie is about a machine meant to cure skin abnormalities malfunctioning. This leads to sickening shenaghins involving a cyst monster, a mad scientist, and a nurse who just wants to go home.

This movie will not be for everyone. It is body horror in the style of a Cronenberg film. The only difference is Cyst takes a much more comedic angle with its storytelling. It is more along the lines of a Troma film than a straight up horror movie. Think Street Trash with charm. 

The humorous take also makes the movie easier to watch. The audience knows what they are in for from the beginning. Even as things get more disgusting, Cyst still remains watchable. The film does a great job of bringing out intentional laughs. The movie is funny to watch but is not something to laugh at.

There is a lot of fun to be had, but as with most gross out movies there is not much depth to the story or characters. Much like the title, Cyst is very much a case of what you see is what you get. Usually, this would be a bad thing. In a movie about a pus monster, it never becomes an issue. (The hour-long run time also helps.) 

Films like Cyst do not come around very often for a reason. Body horror movies can be imaginative, but they are also disgusting. Even one with a sillier tone will quickly turn people off. Those who have the stomach for Cyst are in for a treat. It is definitely nauseating, but will provide a good time.

(B)eat the rich.

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