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'Amazing Spider-Man' #52.LR review

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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #52.LR review

Why does this exist?

I’ve found Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man to be strange. It’s, in many ways, a fundamentally backwards facing book, filled with references to older stories — one could argue pretty persuasively that one of the big selling points of this run to fans has been the way that it’s been willing to play chicken with One More Day. That’s been true with Kindred, too — the question behind of the mysterious new villain has not been about his identity, his motivation, etc. It’s been about which already existing character in the Spider-Man mythos is Kindred.

That’s almost the defining characteristic of the Amazing Spider-Man #52.LR tie in. This is not a book that meaningfully looks forward. It is not adding anything to the story, either specifically of this Last Remains book, or the Spider-Man mythos in general. All it’s doing is padding the story, adding stuff in between the panels of the main Last Remains story — and that’s not a story that is interesting enough to deserve the padding.

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Did anyone really care about Norman Osborn showing up in MJ’s apartment? Was anyone on tenterhooks, waiting to discover how the various spider-people fixed a bridge? Is anyone really dying for more arguing between Black Cat and Doctor Strange? Does anyone care that much about the Sin-Eater’s moral conflicts?

Maybe those people are out there. This is a subjective review, and I won’t claim to be the tastemaker for fans of Spider-Man. But I just can’t see anyone excitedly rushing to their LCS to read this book. It’s just not necessary.

Incidentally, by the way, I always find all the post Dark Reign Osborn stuff kind of silly. The guy was more or less the king of America, and we’re supposed to believe that he was hiding in sewers, or Mary Jane’s apartment or what have you?

And, as a very petty complaint, one I’ve been making all the way since Inhumanity, but these dot-WHATEVER books are stupid. We’re not idiots. If you make a miniseries, we’d understand it. If you just double shipped Spider-Man for a month, we’d understand that too. But this mediocre in between solution is the worst of both worlds.

So, listen, is there anything wrong with this book? No. Is the art bad? No. There’s nothing wrong with this book, by any technical measure. I just don’t understand why it exists.

'Amazing Spider-Man' #52.LR review
‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #52.LR review
Amazing Spider-Man #52.LR
I just don't understand why Marvel found this necessary to make.
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The art is good enough
There's nothing technically wrong with anything here
I don't care about seeing any of this

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