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‘Industry’ episode 3 recap: ‘Notting Hill’

Yasmin and Harper’s new living arrangements get off to a rocky start.

Industry So Far

The new grad welcome dinner turned to be an eventful gathering. Gus nearly blows up at management when he learns that his group is disbanding and he is reassigned to a new division. Also, Yasmin’s boss degrades her in front of everyone. Luckily, Harper is there to defend her colleague and the two bond over it. So much so, that they decide to become roommates.

[Spoilers Ahead!]

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The Piece on the Side

Gus begins his first day in his new department and it looks like he’ll be working with Robert. His quick wit and knowledge of the business impresses Clement. Though its not his preferred landing spot, Gus makes the best of the situation and buries himself into the work to catch up to the rest of the group.

Later, Robert and Gus accompany their boss to a business dinner. The pair are tasked with keeping a big client’s underling entertained while in London. During the meal, Clement correctly deduces the romantic history between Gus and Theo, who is also present. Embarrassed, Theo calls it an early night, which puts Gus in a foul mood.

He can’t bother to have fun at a rocking drag queen party so he shows up at his lover’s home unannounced. The two argue because Theo’s girlfriend is sleeping upstairs and he is afraid that she’ll awaken and find out their secret. However, Theo succumbs to Gus’ advances and they quietly make love on the couch.

'Industry' episode 3 recap: 'Notting Hill'
Photo: Amanda Searle/HBO

Swamped with Work

The finance industry is a busy place, especially when you’re trying to move from intern to a full-time position. Harper finds herself biting more than she can chew. She needs to put a report together for her boss, Daria, in addition to coming up with a pitch for her mentor, Eric.

That all leaves little time for a personal life and Harper could use some companionship or at least a release. She lets Robert manage her dating app profile to help her match better. At the same time, Yasmin tries to set her up with their coworker, Greg. Their date goes fine but she isn’t that interested. Plus, she’s too preoccupied with her pitch that’s due the next morning.

The Claws Come Out

All Harper’s preparation pays off with Eric approving her idea. He loves it so much, he wants her to pitch it to Daria’s client later in the day. Yasmin, who thought the pitch was a personal knock on her family, finagles her way into the same meeting and runs interference preventing her roommate from speaking with the client.

Afterwards, Harper follows up with a phone call and although she’s unable to persuade the client with her plan, she does convince him on the investment discussed in the meeting. Unfortunately, she’s distracted during their conversation and enters the wrong numbers.

In the evening, Harper decides to test out her dating app with her new Robert approved profile and matches with a lucky guy. They head back to her place for a very lengthy and audible sex session that keeps Yasmin up because of the thin walls. Following her gentleman caller’s departure, Harper and Yasmin come to an understanding over their living and working situation.

industry 3.2
Photo: Amanda Searle/HBO

The Verdict

It was only a matter of time before things got messy since all the new graduates are competing for a limited number of positions. Everyone’s trying to prove their worth and that kind of environment can be cutthroat.

And I’m here for all the pettiness and cattiness in “Notting Hill”. Yasmin hates on Harper because of her success while she remains stagnant with a less encouraging boss. It’s to the point where even her boyfriend, Seb, tells her she’s acting crazy. It’s not a good idea to start beef with someone you’re living with. But start it she did by forcing her way into the meeting and then speaking down to Harper when she tries to pitch.

To retaliate, Harper brings home a man for some loud love making sexiling her roommate to the living room. At least she has the courtesy to keep the drama at home. The kicker is she specifically chose someone that resembled Seb. Maybe there’s something more going on there. Ether way, these frenemies going at it is highly amusing.

Outside the soapy aspects, the episode continues to provide an intriguing look into investment banking. We see the tightrope that Harper walks as she tries to placate both Daria and Eric even though their motivations can sometimes be contrary to each other. The industry is more than being smart but also navigating the office and investor relationships by screwing the least amount of people.

The third episode of Industry plays as an entertaining guilty pleasure with petty-filled grudges that fits with these brilliantly minded but emotionally immature new grads.

Industry airs Monday nights on HBO.

'Industry' episode 3 recap: 'Notting Hill'
Industry E 3: 'Notting Hill'
The third episode of Industry plays as an entertaining guilty pleasure with petty-filled grudges that fits with these brilliantly minded but emotionally immature new grads.
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Delightful and entertaining pettiness in full display.
Interesting three-way relationship developing between Harper and her two bosses.
Soapy elements can take away from the seriousness of the show.

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