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’32 Weeks’ review: Interesting story unwound in last act

Well, that was sudden.

32 Weeks is a reminder that stories about amnesia are not limited to anime and JRPGs. The story is about a young woman named Cole (Nicole Souza) who is in a car accident. This leads to short term memory loss and Cole trying to figure out what she needs to remember and what she is willing to make peace with. But is she happier forgetting about her recent life?

The premise is a set up for plenty of melodrama and surprises. The risk is things may go too far and turn the audience off. Thankfully, this never happens in 32 Weeks. There are a lot of tears and soft music, but that is to be expected. 32 Weeks delivers its story in a series of flashbacks mixed with Cole’s current life. The plot almost has a mystery feel to it in the early stages. The audience only knows as much as Cole making each revelation a profound one.

Performances are really important since the movie never goes all in on the thriller aspect. The suspense of 32 Weeks depends solely on its cast. Souza does a great job of demonstrating confusion and humor in the face of what is happening. The supporting cast also do a great job and prevent things from ever getting tedious. The movie becomes more engaging due to her performance.

32 Weeks takes a pretty drastic turn in the last act that goes against the rest of the movie. In a matter of seconds, things go from personal story to something much different. There is little foreshadowing and the explanation is rushed. This leads to an odd shift in tone that makes the finale seem like it is from a completely different film. While many questions are answered, it is unsatisfying.

Amnesia stories in film seem to go in only so many directions. They are usually a part of a greater mystery that somehow involves loved ones. 32 Weeks starts off as an intimate story about a woman torn between a current love she cannot remember and a previous one she cannot forget. While it does have a slight mystery element to it, the story is at its best when Cole is trying to move on with her life.

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