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Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide


2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Cryptid Edition

A cryptid holiday gift guide for creatures of all ages!

Struggling to find the right gift for the cryptid enthusiast in your life? Not sure what to get that budding Bigfoot hunter? Hung up on what to do for that special UFO researcher? Since you’ve been good this year, AIPT Science has put together a Holiday Cryptid Gift Guide just for those unique people in your life that live for cryptozoology!

Looking for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) focused holiday gifts for your science loving friends and family? Check out our Science Holiday Gift Guides for babies and toddlers (0-3 years)early learners (about ages 3-10 years old), tweens and teens (10 to roughly 18 years of age), and adults (18 to 99+ years).

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Cryptids for kids? Absolutely, we can’t leave out the little monster-lovers! If you’re shopping for older fans of the unknown, keep reading.

C is for Cthulhu – Jason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy

Littles live in a fantasy world, and they love the weird. Get them started on their journey into the unknown with this adorable alphabet book! It doesn’t stop there, either. Sweet Dreams, Cthulhu is a cute bedtime story to soothe those nighttime fears. They’ve got lots of plush toys, clothing, and holiday merch, too. You can find all the goodies here!

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide


Slumberkins – Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard

This is another book and plush series, but it isn’t exclusive to cryptids. These creatures are emotional well-being buddies, and the stories they share involve big ideas like gratitude, grief and loss, mindfulness, and family changes. The plushies come in both huggable snugglers and stuffed animals called kins. Head to Slumberkins website to learn more about these cute cryptids and their family!

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide

Hazy Dell Press

Children’s Cryptid Book series – Hazy Dell Press

Another super-cute book series that has a whole bunch of different cryptids to chose from like the Yeti, Krampus, aliens, and even Nessie. They appeal to kids’ imagination and empathy, and often speak about inclusiveness. Hazy Dell doesn’t have plush toys, but they have some cute posters and merch that also appeals to adults. You can buy their cute baby monsters here.

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide

TREND enterprises, Inc.

Cryptid family friendly board games – TREND enterprises, Inc.

Looking to enjoy some mythical board game time with the kids? TREND enterprises, Inc. has you covered! They’re known for making a plethora of early learning wipe-off board books, games, and teacher supplies. Check out Gnomes or Trolls, enCOWnter, and sqWATCH Out! for games that start at ages four and up. On their website, you’ll also find cool stickers, printables, and more!

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide

Look Human

Cryptid Stickers – Look Human

Have you ever wanted pastel Mothman stickers? Need some extra motivation from the chupacabra to stick on the mirror? What about that notebook that cries out for neon jackalope stickers? LookHuman has you covered. They’ve got loads of other stuff, too! Check them out here.

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide


Pop! Myths – Funko

They’re cute and they seem to be taking over the world, so of course Funko is going to make the list. They’ve got so many collectible figures on the market that it’s unreal- but not as unreal as their “Pop! Myths” product line. Give the Funko website a look, but know that sometimes they are limited or sold out. Your best bet might be to go online and search for your favorite character, they end up on resale sites pretty often.

Cryptkins – Cryptozoic

Searching for a different type of collectible? Look at these little ones! Cryptkins offers a large variety of characters like Mothman, Nessie, werewolves, and more. These are just a taste of what Cryptozoic has to offer; head over to their website for more collectibles, trading cards, and tabletop games!

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide

Small Town Monsters

Research Documentaries – Small Town Monsters

Looking for research on Bigfoot? Searching for more about Mothman? Wondering if the truth about aliens is out there? Small Town Monsters has been making documentaries about these very things for quite a while. We’ve interviewed them and reviewed a few of their documentaries. If it’s film and research you’re looking for, head to their website to find out more.

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide

AfterLight Comics

Cryptid Comics and Card Game – AfterLight Comics

AfterLight Comics produces horror-comics for the mature fare. They’re grim and gritty, but also full of incredible art and suspense. There’s a variety of cryptids to choose from (and some non-cryptid entities as well), and they’ll definitely keep you turning the pages.

If it’s card games you’re into, you definitely don’t want to miss the Clash of the Cryptids. Check out our interview with Joseph Oliveira, and then head to their website to grab some comics here.

Cryptid Holiday Gift Guide


Throw Blankets, Art, Statues, and more! – Etsy

There are a lot of amazing artists out there doing good work for the cryptid world. Whether you’re looking for a hand-carved Momo statue, a Mothman plush, a unicorn skeleton, or- well, just about anything else- you’ll find it on Etsy through an artist that devotes their time to churning out amazing products. This throw blanket is by Brian Richardson and can be found in his shop, MythicArticulations.

Well, that’s it for us, folks! We hope our guides have been helpful in choosing the perfect present for your near and dear ones. AIPT Science wishes you and yours, near and far, a wonderful holiday season!

AIPT Science is co-presented by AIPT and the New York City Skeptics.

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