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The Crisis Command Talks: Seer!

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The Crisis Command Talks: Seer!

The oracle of the Crisis Command, The All-Seeing One, Seer sits down with the Washington Comet in this exclusive interview!

The following was originally published in the February 10th issue of The Washington Comet. It is reproduced below, with the permission of all the parties involved.

The Crisis Command, the world’s most mighty, the champions of tomorrow, the super-team of America. Every day, we watch them save our world — a team of diverse individuals who fight off the absurdly abnormal with impossible ideas. They’re a busy bunch, and they do difficult work.

But the Crisis Command has graciously agreed to take some time to sit down with us here at The Washington Comet, so that we may all better get to know the people who walk among us with such tremendous talents. 

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Over the next few months, we’ll be covering each and every single member of the team closely. From what they’re enjoying on their off-time to their stance on what they believe their super-team represents, we’ll be digging into all the details. And who better to start with than the wisest of them all? The oracle of the Crisis Command, The All-Seeing One, Seer!

It starts pouring when I least expect it. Just moments earlier, the skies had been perfectly clear. Nothing could’ve ever possibly suggested that it’d be a day like this.

I look once more to the woman standing before me, waiting. I now understand. Only moments before, I had found her attire on this particularly sunny day quite peculiar. She was dressed in a seemingly heavy raincoat, holding up an umbrella. ‘What’s up with that?! Do all superheroes walk about like this?’ I’d wondered, sheepishly. But looking over to her now, I understood that she’d known this was going to happen. She was, afterall, the almighty Seer. She always knew what lay ahead.

‘Are you alright?’ she asks, holding her umbrella over me. Her eyes gleam gold, and her concern is sincere. I nod, and she grins. ‘I’m glad. Let’s get inside and begin. I have a feeling this rain will last for a bit.’

And so we do.

The Crisis Command Talks: Seer!
TWC: Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Scarlet.

Of course, Gray. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule.

TWC: Now, I understand you’re something of a Quantum God? They say you have The God’s Eye. Could you walk us through that? Is that like Thunder Woman? Or one of their gods?

[shakes her head] I experience something called a “quantum moment.” It allows me to see and feel the ways in which all things are linked with one another –past, present, and future. I’m not a god. I’m just a witness. 

TWC: It must be quite a burden, being able to peer into the future like that. What does that do to you, day-to-day? How do you cope with looking into what’s coming, with the world as it is? How do you shoulder the responsibility of such a power?

Experiencing a quantum moment is incredibly fatiguing, so I only do it when it’s absolutely necessary. On a day-to-day basis, I live the same way as everyone else, experiencing events one at a time. I shoulder it the same way I imagine you do. I signal when I change lanes; I look both ways before I cross the street. I treat my actions as though they’re connected to the lives of others. I put my life in the hands of others too. My ability gives me a glimpse into those connections, when it’s absolutely critical, but my power? My power is equal to yours.

TWC: You reckon we all still have a shot, amidst all this American Individuality Act mess?

I think there’s always “a shot,” as you say. There’s always hope. It is my hope that the Senate will make the right decision in this matter. 

TWC: If you’re so willing, given we’re all curious about it, how did you even come by such power? Were you born with it, or was there some manner of incident that did it? What is the secret origin of Seer, if you’re comfortable sharing?

[smiles pleasantly] I’m glad you asked. The truth is, my ability was born when I was four years old. I didn’t really understand it and so I would get sick a lot and have to go to the hospital. But really, if you want my origin story… 

Once, my mother’s car got stuck in the snow on the way to the hospital and a stranger, a teenager — I guess, who someone else might have called a delinquent — helped dig our car out and made sure we got to the hospital safely. I don’t think we ever learned her name. I think that was when I decided that I would do whatever I could to help people.

TWC: Some might believe that was an act of God. What do you believe?  Are you religious in any capacity? You reckon there’s really somebody all the way up there, beyond all the super-gods that seem to pop up everyday?

I’m not sure if a god is what I believe in or that there is or isn’t someone up there, but the quantum moment makes me certain that there are things at work that are greater than all of us. It’s like I said before: I’m a witness. Whether what I witness is God’s work, or something else, I don’t know — but I am witnessing something. That connection is there. It’s hard not to believe when I can see and feel it. 

TWC: And how about the costume? It’s constantly discussed as being a favorite both online and in fashion circles. We all love it. What’s the story behind that? Did you design it? If not, who’s the talented designer we need to credit?

The costume helps me get the most out of my powers. It keeps me grounded so I can experience the moment for as long as possible before needing rest. You can sort of think of it as a super-science version of those copper bracelets people wear to enhance their health. 

TWC: I spoke to your peer, Prizefighter, and he described you as the vision of the team. What do you have to say to that? And what’s your relationship with your fellow members of the Command? How would you describe them yourself?

[laughs] Prizefighter is very clever. I like him quite a bit. I like all of my colleagues. I suppose I would describe Sawbones as, hm, “rough around the edges but with a very good heart.” The Originator is a person who is very careful with her words, but always means what she says. And Frontier…well, Frontier always does what she thinks is best.

TWC: What is the end-goal of The Crisis Command, at least for you? Why are you really here?

We’re here to help in whatever way we can. That’s all any of us can really do, whatever our ability. 

TWC: There are so many stories of you helping out local communities with your power. So many look up to you and admire you. Many feel represented by you, your very presence and power. Is it tough to carry that? That expectation and weight, that all-seeing eye, the hopes and dreams of people, alongside the ability to look ahead?

Honestly? I try not to think about it too much. Part of doing what I do means putting the right thing before everything. It makes me extremely happy to think that my work makes people feel seen. I imagine part of that is because I don’t think about the expectations; I just think about what’s right and how I can help, which is no different to anyone else. 

TWC: Can’t be easy, what with the right-wing press printing blatantly monstrous lies and scrutinizing every action you take, as white supremacists tend to do. How do you relax and unwind from all that? What does Scarlet Davis do, when she’s not being a Quantum God? Are you into meditation? Poetry? Film? Do you even have time for any hobbies at all?

Sure, I have time! I really like hot yoga. And I’ve been trying to get into taking care of plants, though I’m not very good at it. I’ve been trying to grow mushrooms too — not the really fun kind, though. I’m working on some golden oyster mushrooms. They’re beautiful, and generally, I like how mushrooms exist. They’re not alive; they’re not dead. They create life through death. They connect with each other in all of these interesting ways. 

TWC: Any notable heroes for you growing up? You’ve joined a long line of Black icons now, so who are yours?

Is it tacky to say Beyoncé? Beyoncé. But also Audre Lorde. Angela Davis. Warsan Shire. Diana Ross for everything, but especially in The Wiz. Phylicia Rashad. Missy. Rihanna. Serena Williams.

TWC: Now, for one final question. Favorite alcoholic drink, go.

A grasshopper. Love the color and love the taste. 

And that was Scarlet Davis, Seer! Join us next month, as we speak to the most mystical of the Command, Originator!

Commanders In Crisis #5 is out now!

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