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Channel Surfing: Awesome TV picks for the week of 02/15/2021

Dwayne Johnson’s formative years and a pair of sci-fi shows.

Both wrestling and science fiction fans should be pleased with the Channel Surfing TV picks this week. Receive a closer look at world renowned superstar, Dwayne Johnson, when we dive into his adolescent years in Young Rock. The Cold War goes galactic in the alternative history series, For All Mankind. Then a family tries to endure a post-apocalyptic Europe in Tribes of Europa.

The Young Life of Dewey Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the most electrifying athlete in sports entertainment. He was able to springboard that success into a lucrative film career and become one of the world’s most popular stars. Now the pro wrestler turned actor is looking to conquer television as his next step. He already created and hosts the reality competition, The Titan Games. Now he’s entering scripted TV with his sitcom, Young Rock.

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The series is based off of Johnson’s life focusing on three influential years in his life: 1982, 1987, and 1990. Those years correspond to when he was ten, in high school, and a freshman in college. Learn what experiences and relationships shaped him into the man we know today. It’s sure to create nostalgic feelings of those time periods as well as feature some of the biggest wrestlers of yore.

Young Rock premieres this Tuesday, February 16, on NBC.

A Cold War in Space

Alternative history can always be interesting because it shines a light on what could have been. For those who enjoy space exploration, For All Mankind may be the show for you. The series imagines a world if the international space race never ended following the Soviet Union’s first crewed moon landing before the United States.

In the latest season, we experience a time jump of ten years and pick up in the year of 1983. The tensions of the Cold War are still present and NASA has been militarized as both the Soviet Union and the United States lay their stakes on the moon for all of its valuable resources. A new class of astronaut candidates are introduced while advanced technologies are developed to help either side gain an edge.

The second season of For All Mankind begins Friday, February 19, on Apple TV+.

Family Survival

As if the science fiction post-apocalyptic landscape isn’t full already, this week comes Tribes of Europa. This German series is set in the year 2074 and a global catastrophe results in Europe being separated into dystopian warring tribal micro-states all competing for complete continental dominance.

Not everyone is caught up in the fighting and three siblings try to live as peaceful as they can isolated from the drama. However, their tranquil existence is shattered when a mysterious cube crosses their path that could upset the current power structure. Now they all struggle to survive as an even greater danger threatens their world.

Stream Tribes of Europa on Netflix this Friday, February 19.  

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