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Star Wars ABCs: G is for Grogu

Star Wars

Star Wars ABCs: G is for Grogu

Quite possibly the best spokesperson Star Wars: ABCs could ever have.

Star Wars ABCs is a fun 26-part series that partners Star Wars with your ABCs to introduce you to characters, droids, places, and creatures from every era of the franchise, including the newest venture into a galaxy far, far away — The High Republic.

G is for GroguGrogu Star Wars

Grogu, perhaps better known as “The Child,” was a male Force-sensitive Mandalorian foundling and Jedi youngling that belonged to the same unknown species as Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Jedi Master Yaddle. He was active during the waning days of the Republic, the reign of the Galactic Empire, and the rise of the New Republic.

Born in the year 41 BBY, Grogu was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant until it was sacked during the Great Purge following Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Empire. The details around the youngling’s escape from the Jedi Temple and the years following the event are at this time unknown. While speaking with the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, he referred to those times as filled with darkness, and was unable to remember them, which was likely due to extreme trauma and PTSD.

The Imperial Moff Gideon hired the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin to retrieve Grogu from Nikto mercenaries on Arvala-7 during the New Republic era when he was fifty years old, which developmentally was still considered infancy for his species. Something about the Child struck a chord within Djarin and for the first time ever he broke his bounty hunter guild contract, and rescued the helpless infant from an Imperial facility.

Together, Djarin and Grogu went on many adventures around the galaxy as they sought to avoid the Imperials, who desperately wanted to recapture Grogu and use his blood for Moff Gideon’s experiments. During this time Grogu became a Mandalorian foundling and the first and only member of Djarin’s newly created clan, Mudhorn. As a member of clan Mudhorn, Grogu was one of only two beings in galactic history known to have been both a Mandalorian and a Jedi — the other being Tarre Vizsla, the Mandalorian who created the Darksaber, a legendary weapon that is key to ruling over the planet Mandalore and its people.

For all intents and purposes, Djarin viewed the Child as his adopted son, and made it his mission to protect the helpless child until he could be reunited with his people, the Jedi. During their time together Grogu displayed several Force abilities, including telekinesis, Force-choke, Force-barrier, and perhaps most impressive of all, the ability to heal serious injuries.

While trying to reunite the Child with the Jedi, Djarin was surprised by Imperial forces and their extremely formidable Dark Troopers. During what many would consider a suicide mission, Djarin was able to rescue Grogu from Imperial forces and defeat Moff Gideon in the process. It was during this rescue attempt that Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker arrived, saving Djarin, Grogu, and everyone that was working with the small Mandalorian clan. Skywalker agreed to protect Grogu with his life and train him in the ways of the Force. After a heartfelt goodbye, the small youngling left in Skywalker’s arms. Grogu’s fate after his departure with Skywalker remains unknown at this time.

You can join Grogu on his adventures in the live-action series The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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