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Channel Surfing: Awesome TV picks for the week of 02/22/2021

Three different takes on family.

Family and growing up is the common thread of this week’s Channel Surfing TV picks. Each series addresses the theme in its own way. Clark Kent is literally Superman but he still has problems balancing his heroics with raising his children. At least he has a great partner in Lois in the new Arrowverse show appropriately titled, Superman & Lois. Meanwhile Josh and Emily struggle with parenting and still being cool in the upcoming season of Close Enough. Finally, guess who is all grown up in the Punky Brewster revival.

Back Home on the Farm

Tyler Hoechlin made his first appearance as Superman in the Arrowverse during the second season of Supergirl. Later, Lois Lane would enter the shared TV superhero universe during the “Elseworlds” crossover event. Almost a year later, a new series was announced that would center around the two characters.

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Now, Superman & Lois is set to arrive this week. It will follow the titular duo as they move from bustling Metropolis back to Clark’s hometown of Smallville. There, they raise their two teenage sons, Jonathan and Jordan, and reconnect with the residents including Lana Lang. However, The Stranger shows up and disrupts their lives.

Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, February 23, on The CW.

Growing Up Without Growing Old Again

The adult animated comedy, Close Enough, premiered on the streaming service, HBO Max, last summer (AIPT thought it was pretty good). Now the J.G. Quintel created series will return later this week and lucky for fans, the wait between seasons isn’t anywhere close to the time it sat shelved in limbo initially.

Follow this unconventional household with a family of three plus their divorced best friends as they get by living in East Los Angeles. Expect more tales of growing up with a dark but ultimately heartwarming twist.

Stream the second season of Close Enough on Thursday, February 25, on HBO Max.

Punky Power

Many people first fell in love with Soleil Moon Frye during her time as the friendly, smart, and funny Punky Brewster. On the sitcom that shared the name with her character, the abandoned child finds family in a Chicago apartment complex with her eventual foster parent, Henry, and the other residents of the building.

Punky Brewster is receiving its own revival with Frye reassuming her famous role. This time around she is recently divorced and raising her own three children. She soon finds herself in Henry’s position when a young foster child is in need of a home. Original cast member, Cherie Johnson, also returns to play Punky’s best friend, Cherie.

Punky Brewster will be available Thursday, February 25, on Peacock.

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