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What's next after WandaVision?

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The top ‘WandaVision’ Marvel sitcom replacements: From silly to serious

Some potential replacement Marvel sitcoms in the wake of Wandavision.

WandaVision may be over, but the Marvel Studios produced television series are only getting started. Sure, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is only a week away, but we here at AIPT have plenty of great, nay hilarious, ideas for Kevin Feige to consider for their next hit Disney+ show.

The concept of this article is simple: an AIPT writer takes a television show we love and we try to fit Marvel (and some DC Comics) characters into that program format. Similar to WandaVision playing off of classic sitcoms like Bewitched, the AIPT staff took popular sitcoms of the past like Home Improvement, Golden Girls, and Skins and put their Marvel Studios spin on them.

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Below you’ll find some of the most innovative ideas to ever hit the internet when it comes to Marvel Comics and television programming. From Skins turned Young Avengers soap opera to Golden Girls with a demigod twist, we’ve got you covered for the best television series to replace WandaVision.

Top mostly silly Marvel sitcoms to replace Wandavision

Art in composite by Michael Deodato Jr., Adam Hughes, Adam Kubert, Andrea Di Vito, Terry Dodson, and Paco Medina

Fantastic Four (Home Improvement/Fantastic Four) by Jason Segarra

So hear me out, Reed “The Fantastic Tool Man” Richards is a tinkerer, constantly building new doodads, gizmos, and gadgets, all of which need more ultimate power! Of course, nothing goes right, even with the help of his trusty be-flanneled assistant Al Borland Ben Grimm, much to the chagrin of his bedraggled wife, Jill Sue.

The family has 3 kids, the ostentatiously hot one, the bland one that looks like they are part of another family, and the one desperately searching for his own identity in an odd place, and there’s a know-it-all neighbor next door who dispenses sagely wisdom but is sworn never to interfere. (Side note: I picture Uatu living next door with his giant baby head just towering over the fence, leaving his face clearly exposed at all times). Add a laugh track, a catchy theme song, and baby, you got a stew going!

Top mostly silly Marvel sitcoms to replace Wandavision

Doomsday Domicile (Golden Girls/Comics gods from DC and Marvel) by Jason Segarra

This one is less developed, but how about Darkseid, Thanos, Apocalypse from X-Men, and Trigon from the Teen Titans sharing an apartment in Mephisto’s realm. Darkseid is clearly Sophia, the eldest in the house, always talking about his old days in Sicily Apokolips. Thanos as Dorothy, whose snarky quips slays half the studio audience (and makes the other half laugh).

Apocalypse is Rose, the youngest, most naive of the group, and Trigon, as the most scantily clad member of the crew, is clearly the Blanche of the group. Maybe have an episode where the gang gets swindled by Mephisto into buying a timeshare or something. Hilarity ensues.

The top 'WandaVision' Marvel sitcom replacements: From silly to serious

NART: Miami (Taxi/ Man-Thing) by Colin Moon

With the multiverse firmly established, it seems likely that there will be an increased amount of cross-dimensional traffic both to and from the MCU, and nothing’s worse than trying to negotiate traffic in a new city and/or ectoplasm-based subspace Hell. Most Shoggoths, Fowl-Based Lifeforms, and Headpools will find it best to employ guided trans-dimensional transit, and who better to call than Nexus of All Realities Taxi, or NART? 

While NART has offices in Otherworld, Limbo, and a literally infinite array of other locations, our show takes place here on Earth and features a cast of working-class everyman and man-things. Primary protagonist Ted Sallis spends his days at a minimum-wage AIM chemistry lab and his nights as a head operator at NART: Miami. He chomps a cigar and field calls while employees Howard the Duck, Beverly Switzler, and actual Tony Danza (playing himself) quip endlessly while shuttling the likes of Korrek the Barbarian, Annihilus, and Bug between big-city meetings. 

It’s not all fun and games, however, as pressure from competing service, Saturnyne’s Excalicab, threatens to shutter the garage, helping to expose the hard (multiple) realities of the monumental wage gap in the Marvel Universe. Can Howard and Beverly afford to keep their apartment? Will Tony Danza’s dreams of stardom be squandered by overwork? How will Man-Thing afford to get his big, gross, soppy hands on the engagement ring he needs to propose to Kaley Cuoco’s Jennifer Kale? 

Recurring roles for Anya Taylor-Joy’s Illyana Rasputin (whose rival-as-best-friend relationship with Manny will likely overshadow her work on The Queen’s Gambit) and the Earth-2149 zombie version of Andy Kaufman, whose open contempt for the medium is utterly palpable.

The top 'WandaVision' Marvel sitcom replacements: From silly to serious

Original Brood art by Nick Bradshaw from Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #5

Human Fashion Periodical (Just Shoot Me/Brood) by Colin Moon

Human Female is Queen of Human Fashion Periodical, a ‘job’ location filled with many zany Other Humans Employees, each with unique senses of identity. Humorous situations arise when Human Female gifts Other Human Employees embryo completely natural and unobtrusive gift to obtain the strongest genetic attributes for the hive Human Fashion Periodical. Further antics abound when Human Female’s previous Genetic Sharing Partner, Tamara, finds this activity not to her liking. 

Do not run, Tamara.

Human Female also encounters delightful Very Real Human ensemble cast members, such as Human Child, Human Mailperson, and Elderly Human with Laugh-Out-Loud Drinking Problem. Emotional chemistry is pleasantly noticeable, particularly concerning the emotion which makes humans ‘laugh’. 

Who issss laughing now, Tamara?

It is a real ‘will they/won’t they’ situation between Human Female and Tamara, who issss making thisss harder than it needssss to be. Things escalate quickly, and viewers will certainly enjoy the exchange of fun vowel and consonant sounds between all these Engaging Human Characters. 

Do not go into the basssssement, Tamara

It is likely to be an interesting, fruitful afternoon of television, as this will all be over promptly and there will be no need for further episodes or seasons.

We can hear you, Tamara

We are coming for you, Tamara.

Avengers: Skins AU Marvel Comics show WandaVision

Art in composite by Luciano Vecchio, Michael Walsh, Kris Anka, Joe Quinones

Avengers: Skins AU (Skins/Young Avengers) By Ally Iciek

Look, I’m not an advocate for this idea in the slightest. In fact, it’s one of the most cursed concepts I have ever come up with and I am most surely going to hell because of it. It’s also based on the British show because, as bad as our Skins series was, the US adaptation just didn’t get it. 

 I get the slightest feeling that British writer, Kieron Gillen, might have been the teeniest bit influenced by Skins when he did his Young Avengers run. It was 2013, after all-and whilst the show had since passed its heyday, parts of British youth culture were still definitely tainted by Effie Stonem’s god-forsaken character. I can say this confidently because, at the time, I was 16 and had just got out of my edgy-teen phase. I’m ashamed to say that my past-self’s obsession with black eyeliner and house parties was very much influenced by watching Skins on E4. 

That said, being an embarrassing teenager is a sort of right of passage. Whilst the Young Avengers are now in their early 20s, the concept could work if we were to revisit their earlier years. I want to somewhat redeem myself here by suggesting that, rather than an all-out Skins adaptation- i.e. a show with drug-taking, endless romance, and dialogue completely unreflective of how teenagers speak- we go for an expectations vs reality sort of thing. Yes, these kids want a glamorous and drama-filled experience, but quite honestly…it’s not going to happen.

I want to see Tommy Shepherd planning to host an absolutely massive party, only for 5 of his mates to turn up with a cheap bottle of vodka and a bag of Doritos. Kate is the first to get her driver’s license, which is very cool until she realizes she’s become the gang’s designated taxi.

America keeps going on about her teacher with the piercings is “really neat” and comes to the realization that she’s very gay. Noh-Varr tries to solidify his ‘bad boy’ status by buying some weed, but actually, he’s just been sold oregano. Billy and Teddy have a dramatic breakup, only to get back together the next day. 

Basically, what I’m pitching here is for teenagers to act like teenagers on television. For all the flaws of Disney’s Spider-Man adaptation (of which there are many), one thing I will give them is that Peter and his friends generally act their age. If the Young Avengers are going to enter the MCU in their teens, I hope this trend continues.

And yes, I am side-eyeing The CW here.

Check out all the posters for the television programs that inspired the–likely never to be seen–future Marvel shows you just read about.

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