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All Things All Elite: April 7th, 2021

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: April 7th, 2021

Catch up with All Elite Wrestling’s Dark and Elevation before tonight’s episode of Dynamite!

Good afternoon, All Elite Wrestling fans! It was a fairly slow week on the Twitter front, and BTE was rather short — though it did end on a good segment, hammering home the Bucks’ current mental state.

The real cream of the crop this week was Elevation. I encourage everyone to pop it on while doing dishes or something else you can have it on in the background. There were some great segments, decent matches and it actually felt like it was working to create interesting plots. So please, go ahead and check that out, and since you’re here you might as well check out the rest. And as always, enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • Matt Hardy discussed how his group will destroy the Dark Order. He points to how he took out Five, how Bunny took at Tay, how Butcher and Blade took out Silver and how Private Party is waiting to get their turn. We still see some tension between Private Party and BBB, though, with Bunny rolling her eyes at Private Party a couple times.
  • The Dark Order discuss how Butcher and Blade keep beating them up and that they need to do something about Butcher and Blade. Five walks in with the piece of shrimp that is supposed to be his penis (which was cut off last week). He has it on ice but Ten stomps on it.
  • Meanwhile, Tay Conti is now sitting on the top of the couch during Dark Order skits, seemingly taking Anna’s roll of the silent straight woman.
  • Anderson very courteously warns us that the next minute or two will once again just be the Good Brothers talking about dicks, and… yup, that’s what happens. Gallows has now made himself blind from masturbating too much.
  • The Bucks assess everything about their careers up to this point, each one by themselves, looking in the mirror, dealing with the fact they’re no longer the brash bad boys who take what they want. Cuts of past heel promos play before the two walk away from their own respective mirrors.

AEW Dark Elevation

  • Hangman def. Bill Collier. Collier is extremely tall and his size was something Hangman had to overcome. However, Hangman of course ended up with a win. 
  • Varsity Blonds def. Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo. Another quick match. Griff held up Carlie Bravo for Pillman, Jr. to drop kick and then Pillman got the cover.
  • Britt Baker def. Alex Gracia. Britt had some words before the match. She congratulated Alex for actually getting an entrance, but then said she’s going to win since everyone knows Alex is enhancement talent. Britt continued, saying that she wants to help get over enhancement talent and that she’ll be so nice as to let Alex Garcia put her in a hold to start the match. Bell rings, Britt instantly reverses the hold and gets in her submission in for a win.
  • Dark Order’s Ten def. Danny Limelight. Danny had almost total control for the first half of the match and maintained it for a good amount of time for the second half, but Ten ultimately won with a Full Nelson. It honestly felt as though Ten was outmatched and just got lucky.
  • Big Swole def. Jazmin Allure. Although Swole had control in the first half, she started to struggle to maintain it later in the match with Jazmin getting some solid elbows in to counter Swole. Swole was able to get a quick powerbomb in and then a modified Boston Crab for the win.
  • The Sydal brothers say they are coming after Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Matt says that Page and Sky’s partnership is sham and that the Sydal brothers see through it.
  • Vary Morales def. Michael Nakazawa. Michael once again comes out in his page outfit with his headset and laptop. Michael once again tried to get hints from Kenny over his headset and ended up getting a win when slamming his laptop on Morales’ head.
  • Lance Archer def. Baron Black. Jake Roberts was on commentary and said he and Lance have nothing against Sting, but AEW is trying to make Sting a big part of their show and so they’re just going where the action is. Meanwhile Lance just utterly destroys Baron.
  • Afterwards, Roberts repeats what he said on commentary. Lance says that everyone else is getting interviews except him. Lance says he respects Sting and he inspired him to wrestle. Lance also says he’s not a good guy or bad guy, he doesn’t have a side. After all, EVERYBODY dies.
  • Ryo Mizunami def. Tesha Price. Tesha had a sequence or two where she was able to do some solid damage but Ryo turned things around with one of her shoulder tackles. At one point Tesha bit Ryo and got a two count, but Mizunami once again used her strength to turn things around. She won with a spear.
  • Max Caster def. Colt Cabana. Before the match, Colt went and got Evil Uno in order to deal with Bowens who of course was also at ringside. Colt quickly showed who was the veteran in this match with hard strikes and big hits. Colt got his shoulder hurt, which severely limited Colt. Bower was able to distract Aubrey and Uno and hit Colt with the Boombox for the win.
  • Butcher, Blade, & Private Party def. Adam Priest, Ryzin, D3, & Fuego Del Sol. An extremely quick match for an 8 man tag. Fuego did a good job taking on both members of Private Party, but after a quick brawl, he ate a pin.
  • Paul Wight talked with John Silver. He talked about how he and Alex Reynolds grew up together and have been a tag team since they started wrestling at 14. John talks about getting injured during his match with Darby. He says when he heals he will be title hunting.
  • Matt Hardy def. Dark Order’s Five. Matt Hardy began the match extremely cocky and Five wasn’t having any of it. Time and time again, Matt kept being overly confident and Five was able to punish him for that. Eventually, Hardy realized he had to take Five seriously and got the win. Hardy debuted a new hold called ‘The Leech’, which is essentially a guillotine.
  • Hardy had some words after the match. He said he is going to get revenge for having to give Hangman his earnings from the first quarter. Hardy then called out Darby for saying he was a sellout. He said he is coming after the TNT Championship.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page def. Sydal Brothers. Some back and forth until Page and Scorpio were able to isolate Mike Sydal, the two heels worked over Mike’s leg heavily. Ethan ended up getting the pin on Mike.

AEW Dark

  • Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, & Alex Reynolds of The Dark Order def. Jake St. Patrick, Sage Scott, & Chandler Hopkins
  • Team Taz def. Brick Aldridge, Justin Law & Hayden Baacklund. No signs of any issues or a rift in Team Taz tonight. 
  • Jurassic Express def. Rex Lawless & Dean Alexander 
  • Fuego Del Sol def. Ryan Nemeth
  • Butcher def. Jon Cruz
  • Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) def. Jazmin Allure & Vertvixen
  • Max Caster had a new dis track for “Hangman” Adam Page
  • KiLynn King & Red Velvet def. Vipress & Madi Wrenkowski
  • JD Drake def. Baron Black
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela def. KC Navarro & Aaron Frye
  • Matt Sydal def. Mike Magnum. This was a complete squash, less than a minute long.
  • Matt Hardy def. Vary Morales
  • Bear Country def. TH2

AEW Road To…

  • Darby says that he was excited when JD Drake accepted Darby’s open challenge for the TNT title. Darby says that people tell JD he is too old. Darby responds that is bullsh*t. It’s not a young man’s game — it’s a passionate man’s game, and JD has passion. He finishes by saying the match will change JD’s life (implying it will be for the better)
  • JD cuts a promo about how he represents the blue collar man who can never see his family because he’s working too hard. He talks about how his family relies on him and that’s why even when he felt he had to quit he kept going.
  • We have a four minute recap of everything in the past two months that have happened with Moxley/Kenny and The Bucks/Good Brothers.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Kenny is hurt he wasn’t inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Kenny also calling out Willie Mack
  • Isiah Kassidy gets kicked out of IHOP for telling the truth
  • Ryzin tries to figure out what’s next. Matt Hardy seems interested. So does Abadon.
  • Hangman responds to Max Caster’s dis track.

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