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Aubrey Sitterson and Tony Gregori talk about (but aren't) 'The Worst Dudes'
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Aubrey Sitterson and Tony Gregori talk about (but aren’t) ‘The Worst Dudes’

An interview with ‘The Worst Dudes’ creators, a new Dark Horse Comics series out this June.

It’s time to get nasty, nay, it’s time to get dirty as Aubrey Sitterson (No One Left to Fight, The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling) and Tony Gregori (Deuce of Hearts, Karma Police) are bringing their talents to The Worst Dudes. The new Dark Horse Comics series colored by Lovern Kindzierski (Norse Mythology, Lobo) and lettered by Taylor Esposito (No One Left to Fight, The Black Ghost) will bring the vilest of humor to comic book stores on June 2nd.

I was lucky enough to chat with Sitterson and Gregori about the series ahead of its release. Plus, check out the second preview page too.

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But wait, what’s The Worst Dudes about?

In a new series which can be loosely described as Lobo meets The Big Lebowski, a dirty cop, a drugged-up back-up dancer, and an angsty adolescent god—the absolute worst dudes in the galaxy—are on a raunch-filled hunt for a missing pop star. And from there it gets very strange. Maybe inadvisably so.

This is a series that Sitterson said is, ” so vile, so raunchy, so utterly odious, that it’ll make your other comics turn yellow.” It’s not often comics go all-in with its comedy–Space Bastards comes to mind–so I thought it’d be interesting to ask the creators about the series and their approach to this kind of comedy.

Join me as we discuss the series, how far is too far, and much more!

Dark Horse publishing raunch-filled 'The Worst Dudes' June 2nd

AIPT: First question. What’s wrong with you?!

Tony Gergori: I used to think there was something wrong with me, but now I realize it’s everyone else who’s messed up!

Aubrey Sitterson: Baby, the only thing wrong with us is what’s wrong with all good gladiators: A desire, nay…a COMPULSION to give the people what they need!

AIPT: What was the original pitch for this series?

TG: Art-wise it was the Cal intro sequence, up until the barf.

AS: Three single-spaced pages of utter filth and caustic curses; some old classics, some new favorites, and some I just made up.

AIPT: I had so many questions as far as the very first page and the character there. Is he a seal? Is he a reference to a beloved childhood character? How did a water-based mammal end up in a jungle?

TG: He’s a seal with a carebear chest-plate tat, and he got into the jungle by peddling dope to school kids, so he deserves whatever happens to him!

AS: His name is Rodney.

AIPT: When writing and drawing something with so many eclectic characters, how do you approach keeping a balance of going too far and not far enough?

TG: If the characters are a one-off, meaning I only have to draw them once, I get more elaborate with design. If I’m required to draw them repeatedly I’m more likely to streamline the look, to make my life easier. On TWD Aubrey and I collaborated on most of the designs, going back and forth until we got what we were looking for!

AS: What the balls is “too far?”

Aubrey Sitterson and Tony Gergori talk about (but aren't) 'The Worst Dudes'

AIPT: Did the pandemic affect the release of this book at all? If so, did it help with more time?

TG: The book got green-lit right before the pandemic hit, and we got put on pause for a couple of months. If I remember correctly the original release date was the winter of 2020? I could be wrong there. When we started back up we were given a nice window to get it done. and I appreciated the extra breathing room.

AS: Like a lot of folks, all the additional time locked indoors this past year caused me to really take stock and focus on what’s important: Weird space drugs, weird space sex, weird space torture of dope-peddling seals, etc.

AIPT: This book takes things to the exxxtreme, but is there a line you can’t (or won’t) cross when it comes to comedy of the vilest order?

TG: I wouldn’t want to do anything that I felt was punching down, outside of that I think life is worth laughing at!

AS: Even for me, some things are just beyond the pale: I refuse to do meme jokes or prompt tweets.

AIPT: Fill out this blank question with the word that’d make you the most mad. “You’re nothing but a____”

TG: Guy who’s late for dinner.

AS: Tony’s such a bad boy he gave you five words instead of one. Me? I’m a universally beloved comic’s personality. And my answer is COWARD.

AIPT: If readers took one thing away from this series, what would you hope it was and why?

TG: Most importantly I hope they get a laugh out of it, and enjoy the journey. As the series progresses we explore the leads’ backstories and motivations, which delves into deeper themes that some readers might find enlightening and helpful if they can endure all the d*%$ and fart jokes!

AS: A creeping, pervasive sense of disgust, toward Tony and me for committing this all-out assault on common decency, toward Dark Horse for publishing it, and, most of all, toward themselves for how much they loved it.

AIPT: Thanks so much for the time!

TG: Thank you for the interview!

AS: Pre-order The Worst Dudes at your local comic shop!

The Worst Dudes #1 can be purchased in comic book shops on June 02, 2021, or wherever digital comics are sold.

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