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‘Pig’ review: Cage wows in perplexing film about relationships

A man and his pig.

Pig will be a disappointment to those expecting to see Mandy with a four legged truffle hunter. Even those expecting to see Cage rages will probably not get their fill. Instead, they will be presented with a character study about a man, his relationship with his pig, and the wild search that leads to self discovery. They will not get the over the top reactions and mannerisms that people associate with Cage.

As fun as that would have been, this is just as good.

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Relationships are at the heart of the story, but there is very little dialogue. Early on, we see the depth of the partnership between Robin (Cage) and the titular character. He is living alone in the woods after leaving Portland. He has one connection to the outside world (Alex Wolff) and it is obvious he is happy to keep things like that. It is soon revealed that the world of truffle hunting is apparently a dangerous one when Robin’s pig goes missing. 

From this point, it is obvious that Pig is going to see Robin go on a mission of destruction and revenge in order to get back his friend. As it turns out, that is exactly what does not happen. There is a quest to get his loved pet back, but it is a muted journey that takes some unexpected turns. It is a confusing story that answers few questions directly and wants the audience to draw their own conclusions.

Cage is great in a role that few others – if any – could have made work. Robin’s journey takes him to fancy restaurants and the world underground restaurant employee fighting, among other places. It is ridiculous and barely makes sense, but in Cage’s capable hands, the film never gets too wacky. The audience will constantly be asking what is going on, (there is a particularly strange detour before the final confrontation) but it is never off putting. 

On the contrary, it all somehow makes things more engaging. Despite how kooky the plot can get at times, Pig never stops being relatable. The entire cast does a great job and the emotional story will leave an impression on anyone who watches. In the closing moments as many of the characters sit to think about their lives, audiences will be left doing the same thing.

Pig comes to PVOD August 3

‘Pig’ review: Cage wows in perplexing film about relationships
An unexpectedly muted character study that looks at relationships and life. Some of the turns the story takes make little sense, but that is part of the fun.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Nicholas Cage gives one of his best performances in years
The story is and odd one that never stops being engaging
Contemplative pace may turn some people off

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