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Are we in for a surprise during AEW Rampage?

Pro Wrestling

Are we in for a surprise during AEW Rampage?

AEW tends to go all out (no pun intended) on big shows — will the first Rampage be one to remember?

The debut of AEW’s new show,Rampage, is upon us and something smells fishy. No, it’s not in a Marko Stunt, questionable shower habits sort of way, but more that something seems off about the booking for the show. AEW tends to over deliver on big shows and loves their surprises, as they have this nasty habit of loving and rewarding their fans. Considering that this is the start of a brand new weekly show, A-E-dub probably has something up their sleeve.

Rampage’s maiden voyage already features a STACKED card with three title matches, but with constant rumblings on the signings of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, the recent acquisitions of Andrade, Malakai Black, and, really, any wrestler that pops into Tony Khan’s head, it stands to reason that there is more than meets the eye to this. And so, our team of ace detectives got down to business to find the source of the smell and here’s where our leads have taken us. 


Listen, no one ever gives Christian world title shots and he got two – TWO – this past Wednesday on Dynamite. Christian Cage will face Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship (yes, the Impact World Championship) on Rampage and then face Omega AGAIN at All Out for the AEW World Championship. Easiest explanation is that Christian wins tonight, setting up a Title vs. Title match at All Out to make things interesting. But then again, logic, reason, and basic booking sensibilities have never been allies to Captain Charisma. Remember that time he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011? That beautiful moment on a Sunday PPV where he shed tears of joy holding the Big Gold Belt above his head while hugging his best friend, Edge? Yeah, someone had to stop Vinnie Mac from telling him he was gonna lose it the following Tuesday as he was coming back from the ring that night. What a riot that was. 

So no, I don’t trust the universe to give Christian his due, and something is up. Not to mention the universe has brought the Belt Collector before him, so I think something is going to take him out of either this match on Rampage or the one at All Out and in walks Bryan Danielson or CM Punk. 


I agree with everything Jay said about this leading to a title vs title match at All Out, especially with the mixed reaction to Christian getting two title shots seemingly out of the blue. It’s time for Kenny to start losing those belts, and Christian winning the Impact World Championship in 2021 on Rampage would be a pretty great moment. Though Kenny (and Don, mostly Don) always has something up his sleeve, I think the title vs. title match is really going to be the big twist here.


Miro is going to eat Fuego Del Sol. The show is only an hour long and I’m sure the Impact World Championship and the Women’s Championship will get plenty of time, so something’s got to give, and that something will be Fuego Del Sol’s body. Miro with his “Redeemer” character has been on an absolute tear and will seemingly take communion from the body of Fuego Del Sol. I guess that’s not much of a surprise.


In the last year Britt Baker has made herself the face of the AEW women’s division — in her opinion, of course. I have to agree; after her match with Thunder Rosa, there was a huge shift in the women’s division and Britt has been gaining momentum ever since. Red Velvet on the other hand hasn’t been on Dynamite since June 5 where she was injured during her match with the Bunny. While this is a great chance for Red Velvet to return from her injury, she just has too much going against her — after all, they will be in Brittsburgh.

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