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'Amazing Spider-Man' 73 untangles convoluted Green Goblin history

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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ 73 untangles convoluted Green Goblin history

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #73. You’ve been warned. For more on this issue, read our review.

If you just found out about Nick Spencer’s run, there’s a lot to catch up on. That includes the heavy focus on Harry Osborn and how Norman Osborn may have made a deal with Mephisto. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the infamous “One More Day” storyline has tied into the events of this story arc. Spencer’s penultimate issue–it all wraps up with Amazing Spider-Man #74–has been strongly led by a character named Kindred who may or may not be Harry Osborn. It’s still tough to know exactly if it’s Harry, a shard of him, or some phantom.

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In Amazing Spider-Man #73, a lot of what we learn is tied to Harry Osborn manipulating people over the last few decades to believe things that aren’t true or are false truths. From a storytelling perspective, it’s quite clear Spencer is untangling the sometimes problematic exploits of Norman and Harry Osborn, but at the cost of retconning some rather big moments in the Spider-Man mythos.

Starting with one of the bigger reveals, Amazing Spider-Man #73 reveals Gabriel and Sarah Stacy were not the product of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn! As is hinted at early on–but explained more thoroughly later in the issue–they were created by Harry Osborn in a lab. They come from the 2004 story “Sins Past” by J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato.

Not only that but there were multiple versions of them that were tinkered with over time. Watch out Jackal, there’s a much more disturbing scientist doing cloning in the Spider-Man comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #73

Courtesy Marvel Comics

We also learn Mysterio was involved in Harry’s plans to make people believe they were Gwen and Norman’s children. What a jerk. Mysterio is also involved in tricking Norman into thinking Harry was dead.

The second big reveal involves Spider-Man’s parents or the people that showed up in the 1992 story arc that pretended to be his parents. At the time it was revealed Chameleon was behind it all so as to get revenge against Spider-Man for killing Kraven the Hunter who was his half-brother.

Eventually, Spider-Man learned Harry helped orchestrate the creation of clones of Spider-Man’s parents from beyond the grave. This we already knew.

The truth is, according to Amazing Spider-Man #73, Harry was alive, well, and actively worked with the Chameleon at the time.

'Amazing Spider-Man' 73 untangles convoluted Green Goblin history

Courtesy Marvel Comics

Also, a nice nod to Mark Batley’s iconic Amazing Spider-Man #388 cover.

'Amazing Spider-Man' 73 untangles convoluted Green Goblin history

Eventually, we also learn Harry’s turn in the American Son Armor was Kindred/Harry’s “next iteration.”

'Amazing Spider-Man' 73 untangles convoluted Green Goblin history

Courtesy Marvel Comics

The choice of words seems to suggest Harry has had different forms and has changed over the years. Could this mean Kindred is some sort of evolution of Harry? We don’t yet know how Kindred has so many abilities and given how cryptic he’s been we don’t even know if this is the one true Harry. By stories end, maybe Kindred and Harry running around shocked by it all are the same, but somehow split?

We’ll likely find out on September 29th when Amazing Spider-Man #74 is released.

Until then, make sure to check out Amazing Spider-Man #73, as you might find even more clues I may have missed.

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