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‘See’ season 2 episode 4 recap and review: Reunions and life altering decisions

It’s wedding day on See and a familiar face shows up.

This season of See has plenty of moving parts that are all contributing to the overall narrative. When we last left the show, Harlan and the Queen make arrangements for an alliance leading to the proposed marriage between the former and Maghra. Meanwhile, both the princess’ children are making their way back to their mother; Kofun escorted by the Witchfinder soldier Toad and Haniwa accompanied by Baba Voss and Tamacti Jun. During the trio’s travels, they are rescued by Paris and a secret group of warriors sworn to protect children with sight. Speaking of sighted people, Edo violently takes over the House of Enlightenment.  

In the “Witchfinder,” Edo Voss is mourning the loss of his soldiers that died during his brother’s escape. He is then summoned by a Payan defector who gives him news about the Queen’s plans. Armed with this knowledge, he tries to seek allies on the Trivantian council to back a premeditated attack to the enemies to the east. Baba Voss has really gotten into his brother’s head and it seems Edo’s thirst for retribution is clouding his judgement. It’s starting to look like his pursuit of vengeance could jeopardize the Trivantian tribe by starting a new war and spreading resources thin.

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Elsewhere on See, Baba Voss is in bad shape and needs a place to rest. Fortunately, the group is in friendly territory but a former Witchfinder general might not be as welcomed so Tamacti Jun camps out on the outskirts of the city. They experience better luck when they see Bow Lion amongst the villagers. She is more than willing to help out her friends now that she’s training as a healer but she learns of their foe turned ally and pursues some revenge of her own.

see 2.4.2
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This subplot helps Baba Voss to fully recuperate from his injuries during the escape. More importantly, it helps establish the redemptive arc for Tamacti Jun. He’s hitting his rock bottom losing his will to live and many of his past misdeeds are coming back to haunt him.

There’s a solemn exchange between him and Paris after she steps in with Bow Lion about his regrets for not being there for his family when they died and how all his memories of them have been clouded by all the lives he’s taken. Paris assures him there will be plenty of other opportunities for him to die on their upcoming quest. It was also good to bump into an old face in The Shadow.

While we’re on the topic of reunions, Kofun finally makes it to Pennsa and is reunited with his mother. Although he is taken back to learn she is to be married and he chastises Maghra for turning her back on Baba Voss. It is interesting to see the wedding ceremony in this world but it is uneventful other than solidifying the partnership between the Royals and Lord Harlan.

What’s more intriguing (and more gross) is the Queen’s interest in her nephew. She senses the tides are changing and the power of sight will be valuable. Maybe she wants to be the person to mother this new age (literally) and sees young Kofun as the key.

Maghra also makes a life changing decision when she sends out her new brother-in-law to retrieve her daughter. Conspicuously absent are any mentions of Baba so she could either be protecting her old husband from the new or ready to move on to another chapter in her life. Regardless, it might lead to added drama if or whenever she sees her previous love.

“Witchfinder” brings back a familiar face and raises some appealing storylines moving forward but is bogged down by a slower paced episode.

see 2.4.2
See S 2 E 4 Review: 'Witchfinder'
“Witchfinder” brings back a familiar face and raises some appealing storylines moving forward but is bogged down by a slower paced episode.
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Catching up with Bow Lion
Intriguing moves made by the Queen and Maghra
Slower paced episode with no action.

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