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‘See’ season 2 episode 7 recap and review: Building the suspense for the big showdown

Both sides prepare for war on See.

Things were getting tense on last week’s See. Though there seemed to be a breakthrough in peace talks between the Trivantians and the Payan Kingdom, the Queen had no intentions of following through with the pact. That’s why she sent her people to murder the envoy as they slept thus ensuring war.

Because much of the episode is battle preparation, it does have a slower pace. That doesn’t mean eventful things don’t happen. Right from the start, Sibeth must pay for all her indiscretions from the past. Right when she thinks she’s getting everything she wants such as the war, it’s all taken away with some crafty political maneuvering. Only if Maghra, Tamacti Jun, and Lord Harlan could have enacted their plan before a Trivantian army is almost knocking on the door.

Sylvia Hoeks relishes every minute chewing the scenery as the Queen in the scene. Her exaggerated facial expressions go well with her skilled balance of disbelief (sometimes feigned) and indignation. But even when it appears the writing is on the wall for her character, she receives a stay of execution from an unlikely source: Paris. What is the elder from the Alkenny Tribe planning? Sibeth manages to wiggle away from death once again but she’s on borrowed time. Once she delivers her unborn child, who is deemed innocent, then she can pay for her misdeeds.

After being so defensive, Kofun finally sees the former queen’s true intentions. Frustrated and appalled, he’s given the opportunity to take out his frustrations on his aunt but fortunately he doesn’t go through with it. Even when she hits below the belt with comparisons to his father, Sibeth still has his kid. Hopefully this will be the end of the uncomfortable incestuous storyline from See but we’ll always have the reminder if the child is born.

The odds are stacked against our heroes compared to Edo Voss’ army. With death on the horizon, we receive some reflective moments between Baba and Tamacti Jun. It has been an interesting journey for these foes turned allies and all the tragedy in their lives helped them understand each other better.

see 2.7.2
Photo: Apple TV+

It’s quite telling when Baba’s situation is described as someone fighting for his enemy against his former home. He counters with that he does it for family, especially since his children will play a vital role in the fight ahead because of their sight. Tamacti has some other words of wisdom and it’s nice to see this tender moment between them during the calm before the storm.

Hoping to end the matter quickly and decisively, Edo sends out hired assassins to take out the new queen, Maghra. These killers seem to have the abilities of Shadow Warriors as they easily infiltrate the castle and dispatch the guards. Maghra is quite adept at defending herself and with her combination of ingenuity and fierceness, along with an assist from Lord Harlan, she’s able to come out alive. The placement of the action scene near the end serves as a nice teaser to wet the appetite for what’s to come in the season finale of See next week.

Meanwhile, Paris sets off on her own journey and she is accompanied by Toad. Once again, what is she up to but from what she describes, it has a higher purpose than the upcoming war. It should be interesting to see where this goes and the two provide the few lighter moments of the episode. Toad has as much game ass someone with that name you’d expect but with their lives on the line, why shouldn’t they get some loving in while they can.

We go from lust to love in the final scenes of See. All season, the romance between Haniwa and Wren has been developed well. Now as their opposing sides line up against each other, the star-crossed lovers have one last interaction before all hell breaks loose. Haniwa’s attempts to broker peace fail but they do share a passionate kiss. If most of this world wasn’t entirely blind, the optics of two running across the battlefield would seem off and it’s curious no one on either side heard them or questioned anything.

Regardless, the episode builds the intrigue and suspense for the huge showdown in the finale despite some slow pacing.

see 2.7.1
See S 2 E 7 Review: 'The Queen's Speech'
The episode builds the intrigue and suspense for the huge showdown in the finale despite some slow pacing.
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The candid moment between Baba and Tamacti Jun.
Watching Maghra kick some butt.
Interested in Paris and Toad's mission.
Despite the stakes and the title of the episode, the Queen's speech isn't the most inspiring one in tv or film.
Though expected, the episode is a little slow at times.

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