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'Midnight Mass' is superbly written, bone chilling, and thought provoking


‘Midnight Mass’ is superbly written, bone chilling, and thought provoking

I can honestly say that Midnight Mass is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in television or film. I went into this only knowing that it was a horror series about a fanatical priest. I was completely unprepared for the wild twists and turns that this has in store. I’ve never seen anything quite like Midnight Mass and that’s one of the things that makes it so wonderful. The creativity is out of this world and the storytelling is near perfect. Mike Flanagan, you have done it again and this time you knocked it out of the park!

'Midnight Mass' is superbly written, bone chilling, and thought provoking

I am a huge fan of Mike Flanagan’s previous work including The Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep. And after seeing this as well, lets just say I’m all in for whatever he does from now till eternity. What this man can do both with a script and a camera is truly astounding. This was both written and directed by him so he deserves an immense amount of praise. The script in particular, is just so very rich and detailed. We are told a story that is both terrifying and heartwarming at the same time. Those two themes, terrifying and heartwarming, don’t often come in the same package but Flanagan manages to make that happen here. It’s a testament to his superb storytelling skills that he’s able to lay out such a unique story that is full of horror and love. Now I’ve seen a good many horror films and TV shows; I’ve seen scary ones and not so scary ones. The horror in this series is undeniably bone chilling. Both the story and the visuals are terrifying and I’m so pleased to say that. I hate it when horror projects turn out to not be scary at all. Well ladies and gentlemen get ready because this show sure does nail it when it comes to scare factor.

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I really can’t go into the story details at all but suffice to say that the actual meat of this plot and what unfolds is incredible to behold. The way in which this series intertwines religion with horror is very smart and oh so effective. One of the scariest things here is how some of the townspeople use their religion and weaponize it. Sometimes seeing the monstrous things human beings do is even scarier than a demon or a ghost. I was reminded a little of The Mist while watching this. Both this show and that film combine human horror and supernatural horror to create a great story. The supernatural horror that goes on is just marvelous. Seriously, as someone who loves mysterious supernatural elements in stories, I was overjoyed by this. Not only does the script do a great job setting all this up, but so do the direction and visuals. Some of the visual choices made here are so damn smart! I was both mesmerized and scares sh-tless. There’s just nothing cheap about it. There isn’t a big reliance on phony jump scares. The frightening scenes are well orchestrated and visually captivating. And on top of all this wonderful writing and all these unique visuals are a whole bunch of amazing performances. There are so many cast members to praise here.

'Midnight Mass' is superbly written, bone chilling, and thought provoking

I’ll begin with Samantha Sloyan…. WOW! Sloyan plays a hideously evil woman and she plays the hell out of this part. She was absolutely terrifying and if she doesn’t get more good work off this then something is wrong. Next up is the marvelously talented Kate Siegel, who I loved in Haunting of Hill House. Siegel gives a truly beautiful performance here. She really moved me with her soulful performance here as one of the main protagonists. And speaking of soulful and beautiful, the wonderful Zach Guilford gives an equally great performance. Guilford is able to be both damaged and super sweet and lovable. And he and Siegel are dynamite together. They share a good many scenes and I was so moved by the deep emotion and love they both convey. Their relationship is one of the shows heartfelt elements and it is ever effective. Annabeth Gish is another talented cast member here who makes her character so lovable. I was a big fan of Gish’s character… very pure and smart. And there are other actors present here who also do very well but the final one I feel I must mention is Rahul Kohli. I’ve never seen Kohli before but wow I was just captivated by him in this. I really hope we see more from him in future projects.

Netflix’s Midnight Mass is truly amazing. This is a show that will terrify you, captivate you, and move you to tears. Bravo Mike Flanagan, Bravo!

'Midnight Mass' is superbly written, bone chilling, and thought provoking
Midnight Mass (Series)
Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in either television or film. Super storytelling, bone chilling scares, expert direction, skilled performances... go watch this as soon as you can!
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Superb script
Bone chilling scares
Skilled performances
Unique visuals

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