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Is It Any Good? ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Even those who aren’t into animated films will enjoy this.

This is my absolute favorite animated film! Animation isn’t usually my go to, but every so often one just absolutely knocks it out of the park. Fantastic Mr. Fox proves that this genre can be enjoyed by all ages groups. In my opinion, that is the best test of a movie like this: can both children and adults enjoy it? I also appreciate that this is a family film that isn’t completely sanitized. The script is so smart and funny and full of refreshing creativity. And the bow on top is the absolutely stunning animation!

The look of the animation is absolutely breathtaking. The texture of the animals is uncanny. The talent behind the art and animation is phenomenally gifted. The settings also look amazing and there’s a lot of interesting detail. The homes of the animals are all specific to what kind of animal they are and they make them so visually captivating. Some might think this is a small kind of throwaway detail but I found it very clever and cute.

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For instance, the badgers’ dam is just so well constructed and interesting to behold. Not only are the main ingredients well constructed, so are the smaller ones. You can just tell that the filmmakers really cared and took the time to make every little piece high quality.

Just like the dazzling visuals, the script is equally captivating. Fantastic Mr. Fox has a consistent stream of dry witty humor that is delightfully quirky and satisfying. The humor is very Wes Anderson-y and that works very well! Dry/subtle is my favorite style of humor so the comedy in this really works for me.

Is It Any Good? 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

One of the creative and funny gags they use multiple times throughout is the animals saying the word “cuss” in place of what would normally be an expletive. That’s just another example of the creativity that abounds within Fantastic Mr. Fox.

In addition to the comedy, the tiny dramatic bits are well realized too. You wouldn’t think that any drama in this kind of film would be convincing but it actually is.

The pacing and flow is nearly seamless, too. I love how fast and high energy this thing is. It’s really impossible to get bored watching this because of the masterful writing/visuals and the pacing. The characters are very well put together too. The majority of the characters are funny, likable, and quirky (in a good way).

Is It Any Good? 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

The cast assists the script in rounding out these animals. George Clooney gives a delightful amusing voice performance as Mr. Fox and Meryl Streep, as always, is great. The rest of the cast does a nice job as well. I’m sure that other actors would have still done a nice job but I am glad they got Clooney and Streep because they really do fit these main characters so well.

There’s really only one little detail I didn’t care for was the two short random dancing scenes. I thought those little moments just weren’t in step with overall “fantastic” energy of the rest of the film. Honestly, though that is the only thing I disliked about this.

This really is a great example of the art that can be achieved when passionate talented individuals are behind the wheel. This also proves that animated films are not just for kids when done well. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a near perfect film. The visual style and animation is phenomenal and the script is wonderfully creative and funny.

fantastic mr. fox
Is It Any Good? ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best animated films ever made. The script is masterfully crafted, the animation is beautiful and striking, and the voice talent is top notch.
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Striking animation
Top notch voice talent
Masterfully crafted script

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