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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of April 26, 2022

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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of April 26, 2022

Plenty of great comics came out this week, but when it comes to the best of the best, there can only be five.

Welcome back to another edition of Fantastic Five! It was another great week for comics, but we’re here to give special props to the five very best. This week saw Image Comics come out swinging, claiming three of the top five spots, with Marvel and DC splitting the remaining two. Let’s get right to ’em!

Saga #58

Saga #58 is a great example of how mature and modern sci-fi can be. There’s literally nothing else like it as it approaches to sex, violence, and loss in complex ways. All of those things are conveyed in this issue, making Saga a delight for the senses and the mind.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

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‘Saga’ #58 is a mature, thought-provoking chapter

Bylines in Blood #4

Amid all the eyeballs and slick neo-noir grit, Bylines In Blood tells us that we have to strive for the truth lest we get lost in lies. The conclusive Bylines In Blood #4 hammers home the message of clawing for truth amidst lies with a final gallery of gripping art, and a tinge of hope to help get us there.

Read Madeleine Chan’s full review:

‘Bylines In Blood’ #4 reveals the Hidden King and the truth

Punisher #2

Punisher #2 is an entertaining issue thanks to offering explanations for why Frank Castle is in this position and why he deserves to be the leader of the Hand. What this issue, and by extension the series does, is explore who Frank is at a base level while throwing readers into the deep end of an incredible new situation for him to navigate. Punisher hasn’t felt this fresh in decades.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Punisher’ #2 will make you a believer in Frank’s new direction

Rogue Sun #3

Rogue Sun is turning out to be my favorite superhero comic on the stands. It takes the model of a teenage kid thrust into being a superhero in new directions while blending monsters and the supernatural. Rogue Sun is proof superheroes can feel new again.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Rogue Sun’ #3 is proof superheroes can feel new again

Justice League #75

Justice League #75 is a significant issue that showcases a major moment in DC history and will pave the way to Dark Crisis.  The only thing I wished for more of in this issue would’ve been a narrative.  The big sales pitch for this was that it would be like the Death of Supermanin his famous issue #75, hence the numbering, but there was no attachment to any character.  That would’ve helped me feel more instead of just being a spectator of the event.  I know my hype is still up there, and this was an essential step towards the Dark Crisis.  So, don’t forget to get the next piece in DC’s Free Comic Book Day issue, and keep an eye on Shadow War by Williamson and Flashpoint Beyond as they play their parts in this event.

Read Christopher Franey’s full review:

‘Justice League’ #75 review:  The death of the Justice League


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