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‘Torn Hearts’ review: Katey Sagal shines in Brea Grant thriller

The tomatoes in the salad.

Torn Hearts is about the lengths people will go to achieve their dreams. The Blumhouse Television and EPIX production is about a female country music duo who visit their idol Harper Dutch (Katey Sagal) hoping she can take their career to the next level. Harper is their to provide assistance, but not in the way the two expect. 

Writer Racher Koller Croft and director Brea Grant provide audiences with a look at a country music business that is still powered by a good old boys network. As talented as Jordan (Abby Quinn) and Leigh (Alexxis Lemire) may be, their band (Torn Hearts) cannot seem to catch a break. The nature of the industry they are trying to break into is epitomized early on when Jordan finds out the real reason why her band is not the right fit for a big touring opportunity. 

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The relationship between women plays a big role. Jordan and Leigh have a great chemistry on stage that seems to transfer into real life. As Torn Hearts progresses, the two realize there is a deeper chasm between them than they realized. Harper’s greatest success was with her sister. Once the Dutchess Sisters hit the age of 35, their music careers stalled and Harper’s sister committed suicide. 

At the center of Torn Hearts is a story about how these women are dealing with an industry that is more interested with using their talents than nurturing them. Jordan and Leigh are young, motivated, and eager to do what it takes. Harper has seen what the business does to females and is jaded, experienced, and paranoid. 

Sagal is fantastic in the role and shines in every scene she is in. It is a varied performance that sees her go from manipulative mastermind to completely unhinged. Even in the most predictable moments in Torn Hearts, Sagal’s performance makes it impossible to turn away. 

Everything culminates in a shocking ending that brings together the story and message of Torn Hearts. Filled with dark humor and tense psychological horror, the movie proves that the horror-music connection does not have to be limited to rock or metal. It also shows that some of the most powerful scares are the ones that exist in real life.

Torn Hearts comes to digital May 20

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