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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of May 25, 2022

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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of May 25, 2022

This week, Fantastic Five features ‘Fox and Hare,’ ‘Punisher,’ ‘Blood-Stained Teeth,’ ‘Robin,’ and ‘The Swamp Thing.’

Welcome to another edition of Fantastic Five, our recap of the best-reviewed comics of the week at AIPT. These are the highest-rated single-issue comics and they come from Marvel, Vault, DC, and Image Comics. Let’s break it down.

Fox and Hare #1

At times, Fox and Hare #1 falls prey to slower cyberpunk/dystopian beats necessary for setup. However, the main components of Fox and Hare #1 feel completely fresh and seem like they’re leading to some intriguing developments. Even the name Fox and Hare invites curiosity as to whether the series will use the moral from Aesop’s classic fable of the same name about ignorant curiosity. Ultimately, Fox and Hare #1 is a strong artistic and narrative start to a series with great promise for reclaiming the cyberpunk genre.

Read Madeleine Chan’s review:

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‘Fox and Hare’ #1 brings back life to cyberpunk

The Swamp Thing #13

The Swamp Thing #13 continues the series’ trend to unnerve in its ideas and imagery. In a way, the creators have made something that is like walking through a nightmare and a dream all at once, thoroughly entertaining you and letting you escape in its ideas. Swamp Thing is a fever dream you won’t want to wake from.

Read David Brooke’s review:

‘The Swamp Thing’ #13 is unnerving and thoughtful

Robin #13

It has taken seven chapters, but the big mystery is revealed in Robin #14 in a satisfying way. More importantly, the relationship between Damian and Batman continues to feel genuine while the all-out action is fun. “Shadow War” fundamentally understands comics are fun while building on the characters we know and love.

Read David Brooke’s review:

‘Robin’ #14 offers answers and action

Blood-Stained Teeth #2

Blood-Stained Teeth #2 continues to build a tense and exceptionally fresh vampiric world. Issue #2 marks the beginning of Atticus and his desperate attempt to annihilate his beastly creations. If this issue is anything to go by, then the search promises to be an exciting journey. But what’s more promising is seeing the creative team utilize classic archetypes and continue to build a horrific and remarkable take on the vampire genre.

Read Noelle Modelo’s review:

‘Blood-Stained Teeth’ #2 continues to build a tense, fresh vampiric world

Punisher #3

Punisher is slowly becoming the most compelling character study in superhero comics today. After three issues, we’re getting new insights into Frank Castle with a unique angle on his relationship with death.

Read David Brooke’s review:

‘Punisher’ #3 is an excellent character study

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