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'Batman/Superman: World’s Finest' #4 review: Come together
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‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #4 review: Come together

The top-tier heroes of the DCU have to figure out how to stop a demon-possessed Green Lantern.

The story of the Devil Nezha continues in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4, where we get quite the confrontation between heroes and demons. Mark Waid and Dan Mora continue with their high-octane action, and in this issue, we get some drama and a hard choice to fulfill to stop Nezha. With this story arc set in a Bronze Age-style, it will be interesting to see how the adventure inserts itself into the continuities of Superman and Batman.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4!

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Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4
DC Comics

Things pick up right where we left off in the last issue, so now the World’s Finest have to step up and face the guardian of Sector 2814. The idea of these three facing off is the stuff of fans pitting their heroes against each other, so this isn’t something new, but Dan and Mark find a way to make it exciting and like the first time all over again. I appreciate that Mark Waid lets us in on the fact that Nezha possesses Hal Jordan, which helps because the words coming out of Hal’s mouth sound genuine enough but also vicious. Dan Mora fantastically draws out a battle between the three heroes that pays plenty of respect to all the characters without anyone looking like a pushover. 

The way Batman and Superman come together to stop Hal is a solid idea with the combined willpower against possessed willpower, again paying respect to the heroes without sacrificing their skill level. The fallout from that gamble by Superman and Batman leads to us seeing quite the mix-up of both heroes and then some. Dan Mora showcased the new design on his Twitter, and wow, it is fantastic; not just your average Composite Superman, but also has the powers of Green Lantern. The incredible design is one of the reasons Dan Mora is outstanding in this series. 

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4
DC Comics

Mark Waid also ensures that this three-tier superhero isn’t just going to be the deus ex machina to fix the situation. The amalgamated hero has a “gas tank” limit, and I’m sure it might upset some fans, as Hal’s ring didn’t have that issue, but I told myself to lighten up and enjoy. Best advice ever! Not only is the limit an issue, but we get to see more heroes make their guest appearance here, and it is just pure eye candy to see them, as Dan Mora illustrates. We need Dan on an event book ASAP! 

While the main characters are doing their thing, we see what issues Supergirl and Robin are facing with their side quest in time. Sadly, they learn someone must stay behind in Nezha’s prison to stop him. I like this obstacle as heroes are always willing to sacrifice themselves, but who will make the play out of this group, and how will it fit in with continuity?

To add one more wrinkle to the situation, as Robin and Supergirl return to their present, someone or something is causing a Time Storm! I love how this could potentially tie into Dark Crisis or Flashpoint Beyond; maybe even something else that Mark Waid is planning? Those of you with eagle eyes, check the solicits to August 2022’s Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #6, and in September of 2022, Nezha will appear in Batman vs. Robin #1, by Waid, also tying in Shadow War. I love the interrelatedness of DC Comics that has been happening lately. 

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4
DC Comics
'Batman/Superman: World’s Finest' #4 review: Come together
‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #4 review: Come together
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4
High-energy antics continue to live up to the name of World's Finest! Mark Waid and Dan Mora are giving us a summer blockbuster with so many guest appearances, a grave evil, and awesome eye candy. World's Finest is a comic series that needs to be on your pull list.
Reader Rating1 Vote
DC Comics synergy!
This issue has great action sequences with an awesome reward that makes this feel like a summer blockbuster in the style of Morrison/Porter's JLA
Dan Mora is a modern master at comics and his designs for DC feel iconic and fresh at the same time
Mark Waid brings the imagination to his stories while respecting what is there
If you look at the issue as a standalone, you feel like you're getting a middle piece

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