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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of June 29, 2022

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Fantastic Five: The best comics of the week of June 29, 2022

TGIFF: Thank Goodness it’s Fantastic Five!

Welcome back to another edition of Fantastic Five, AIPT’s weekly column that shouts out the very best comics of the week! This week’s cream of the crop come from four different publishers, so there should be something in here for every type of comic book reader. Let’s get right to ’em!

Sonic the Hedgehog #50 (IDW Publishing)

Sonic the Hedgehog #50 is a really solid milestone issue. There were a few missed opportunities here and there, like not giving as much time to the originals vs. doppelgängers showdown. As much as I like what was done with Eggman and Starline here, I wish we got a couple more pages dedicated to seeing counterparts duke it out (I mean c’mon, how often do we get Tails vs. Evil Tails, y’know?). Still, we got a lot of great character stuff here, and plenty of it I glossed over or outright didn’t mention, which means you’re just gonna have to pick up the book yourself to see! It was a great time though, and definitely felt like a worthy event to celebrate such a huge occasion. Hats off, Sonic Comic Creative Team – way past cool.

Read Reg Cruickshank’s full review:

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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ #50 is a way-past-cool milestone

Iron Cat #1 (Marvel Comics)

All in all, Iron Cat has set up an intriguing personal story here for Black Cat. With Iron Man entering the picture, the blockbuster action is sure to get even more wild. For now, though, this was already a thrilling first chapter. Globe-trotting action and heartbreaking romance combine to make Iron Cat a sterling example of good superhero storytelling. I can’t wait to see where Felicia’s latest chapter leads.

Read Nathan Simmons’s full review:

‘Iron Cat’ #1 is a high-octane trip down memory lane

Sins of the Black Flamingo #1 (Image Comics)

Once you put it down, you’ll want to read far more Black Flamingo detective mysteries. Hundreds of years of mysteries and somehow it brings a whole new flavor to the genre. That’s thanks in part to the wildness of Florida, but also to the strong central character and its unabashed approach to the real world and the supernatural. Sins of the Black Flamingo #1 is an intriguing start that feels fresh and isn’t afraid to be genuinely sexy.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Sins of the Black Flamingo’ #1 is a tantalizing new detective noir

X-Men: Red #4 (Marvel Comics)

X-Men: Red #4 finds its strength in cutting between three different scenes yet each one discusses death in its own way. In this way, Ewing and the art team make death a beautiful thing in three different ways, further cementing the fact that this series is deeply meaningful and contemplative.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘X-Men: Red’ #4 will make you think about life and death

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4

Compelling and action-packed, Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 sidelines Bruce Wayne in favor of placing the rest of the Bat-Family in the spotlight. The result is utterly enthralling as Sean Murphy provides meaningful answers to several of the series’ questions while posing even more. I am excited to see how Murphy resolves the answers to these questions in upcoming installments. As always, Batman: Beyond the White Knight is an exemplar of visual storytelling. The artwork is worth the price of admission alone.

Read Chris Showalter’s full review:

‘Batman: Beyond the White Knight’ #4 is compelling and action-packed

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