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Flashpoint Beyond #3
DC Comics

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‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #3 review

As the hunt for the Clockwork Killer continues, more heroes from the world of Flashpoint come forward to stop the world’s end.

Flashpoint Beyond #3 has shocking revelations that help justify the Flashpoint world, but will it be enough to get Thomas Wayne to join the cause? Thomas believes none of the Flashpoint world matters, and he has been privy to some interesting, multiversal insights, but this creative team puts Thomas in a position where he has to face these people as they make their case. It was easier to believe none of it matters, but now that Thomas has to meet these people, he is testing that theory. Plus, there is a killer out there, and their latest victim is quite a doozy.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Flashpoint Beyond #3!

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Flashpoint Beyond #3
DC Comics

As I read this newest installment in Flashpoint Beyond, it hit me there are multiple writers, but it reads so seamlessly that you wouldn’t know. Jeremy Adams, Geoff Johns, and Tim Sheridan are the three musketeers in crafting this tale. I felt no irregularities in the character voice or the tone of the story; the creators are very in sync, and this issue showcases how much they all love the DCU.

The opening of the issue, which you can see in the preview, reminded me of the New 52 origin of Superman, and they twist it just like Flashpoint did. Yet they turn it even more with the multiple rockets, which will be fleshed out further in the story. What I like about these other versions of characters is how innovative the creative team has been with power use. Seeing the Flashpoint Beyond version of the Fortress of Solitude, now called the Oasis, is a great peanut-butter-and-chocolate moment. I hope this finds its way into the main DCU somehow. 

Flashpoint Beyond #3
DC Comics

Once the characters are inside the Oasis, this is where the bombshells hit. Kal-El’s crystal interacts with the Green to deliver Jor-El’s message. Jor-El’s new motivations take the Day of the Krypton Man story a step further with the potential for invasion. After the big revelation, the dialogue between Thomas and Kal-El was great. Thomas reminds him that Earth hasn’t been very kind to him, but Kal-El believes they matter. Then Poison Ivy goes on to deliver news of other heroes that we can recognize, see similarities, or even combinations. I can’t wait to see them on the page!

The other comic parts had great moments checking in on its supporting characters. We get a page with Oswald and Dexter as he is learning the art of lock picking, which we can potentially see where that will take Dexter later in life. Their scene is interrupted by the Reverse-Flash, and he isn’t looking good, but there is a mention of Hypertime. Next, we visit Gilda, and someone is talking to her; now I know it seems like it could be her “Bad Harvey,” but maybe it is something more?

Flashpoint Beyond #3
DC Comics

We check in on the GCPD and their latest crime scene, the dead body of Reverse-Flash in the home of Iris West. The crime is quite the bombshell as we know the Clockwork Killer has been targeting time travelers – most haven’t realized their potential in the world of Flashpoint, and Reverse-Flash is an outlier as he isn’t even part of that world. The mystery deepens, and with the last issue’s revelations of the Childminder, there will be a tidal wave of revelations.

Checking in on the Time Masters is quite the treat! We get two of the team members as they are taking a time bubble through Hypertime. Make sure to read the dialogue carefully, as I think there are some clues to who the Clockwork Killer is. I loved that the Great Darkness gets a name drop, and we can see Pariah on the broken time page. So many great panels in that collage of DC Comics; my favorite is Justice Society of America #1, with some missing characters we might just be seeing soon.  

Flashpoint Beyond #3
‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #3 review
Flashpoint Beyond #3
This issue turns the dial another click forward as so much is going on and revealed. Plus, the mystery and the dealings with the DC Omniverse! The connection to Dark Crisis makes it that much more fun, but it still holds on its own. The wait between issues is tough as I want those answers now. This creative team is giving us a modern DC classic – don't miss out!
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Xermanico takes the script and makes it wonderfully alive with character depth and panel layout
The three writers are so in sync you don't feel any bumps in the road
The mysteries of the Clockwork Killer and the Childminder along with the mentioning of Dark Crisis are pure enjoyment
The many colorists that come together for this issue keep such a wonderful temperature to the world that make the highs and lows hit harder
This miniseries is full of hope and wonder as we get to enjoy the creative team and how they play with these familiar characters in all new ways
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