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[Fantasia ’22] Strange and Fantastic Tales: ‘The Heroic Trio’

High flying, baby slinging fun!

The Heroic Trio is a stylish fantasy that does not hesitate to spring into action and grip the audience’s attention. Johnny To’s 1993 feature film stars Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Chung, and Anita Mui as three women who are brought together by mystical circumstances. Blending fantasy and kung fu, Sandy Shaw’s story of crime, magic, and non-stop action make this a film that is sure to be a cult favorite among wuxia enthusiasts. This week’s strange and fantastic tales column makes an explosive comeback with The Heroic Trio

Where does one begin? An invisible woman is ordered to steal newborn babies and bring them back to the Master’s evil underground lair. That’s a lot to unpack in one sentence, but the premise is so bonkers it’s wonderful. These missing babies are cocooned in spider webs and bred to be vicious cannibal monsters for the master’s army.

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Who will stop the Invisible Woman (Michelle Yeoh)? Is it Wonder Woman (Anita Mui), a black clad masked woman, who is also secretly married to a police officer? Or is Chat, the Thief Catcher (Maggie Cheung)? A reckless hero for hire who is quick with jokes and machine guns? 

The plot is completely over the top and it’s complemented by the costumes and set design. The Heroic Trio seems effortlessly stylish. The heroes wear simple yet eye-catching costumes that emphasize the gritty crime city feel established in the film. From country homes to evil lairs, the lighting and set design add a comic book feel that completes the overall atmosphere. The movie looks great and provides a perfect backdrop to the action. 

[Fantasia '22] Strange and Fantastic Tales: 'The Heroic Trio'

Motorcycles spiral through the air along with flying guillotine style weapons. Every fight keeps the movie fast-paced and it doesn’t relent. This is perfect because a movie where babies are casually tossed through the air and people are routinely decapitated should never slow down. 


The Heroic Trio is currently enjoying a run at the Fantasia Film Festival. If you haven’t seen it, please do. Grab a couple of your masked friends, tear up the city, and watch The Heroic Trio

The Heroic Trio is screening at the Fantasia Festival 

the heroic trio
[Fantasia ’22] Strange and Fantastic Tales: ‘The Heroic Trio’
The Heroic Trio
The Heroic Trio is an action packed adventure about saving babies and kicking ass.
Reader Rating0 Votes
Excellent fight scenes, over the top and truly enjoyable
Clever script with some truly funny moments
Fantastic gore and a badass skeleton fight
Not enough skeleton fights

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