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Joshua Williamson launches 'Super Scary Substack' and 'Nailbiter' horror anthology

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Joshua Williamson launches ‘Super Scary Substack’ and ‘Nailbiter’ horror anthology

New ‘Nailbiter’ is coming via Joshua Williamson’s Super Scary Substack.

A new creator has entered the Substack field and it’s none other than Joshua Williamson. Mastermind of DC Comics’ summer event Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Williamson has launched his new Substack Super Scary Substack today. You can sign up here. Williamson promises to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at not only himself but his work process and love for comics and horror stories throughout his career. Like most Substacks, there is a free tier, monthly subscriber tier, yearly subscriber tier and founders tier.

The Substack most assuredly feature a heavy focus on his beloved series Nailbiter which includes a new horror anthology, tabletop game in development, and fanclub.

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For those unfamiliar with Nailbiter, don’t miss just one of our many interviews about it, but Williamson also shared his original pitch for the series:

“Sixteen of the world’s worst serial killers were all born and raised in the same small town. What happened in that town to create such horror? The worst of the serial killers is the Edward Charles Warren. He would only kidnap people who chewed their nails. He’d keep them captive while their nails grew back, chew their nails for them, and then kill them. This earned him the name…NAILBITER.”

Nailbiter is co-created with Mike Henderson, with colors by Adam Guzowski and Letters/Design by John J Hill, and featured a 30-issue run and a sequel series, Nailbiter Returns, in 2020. More on that here.

Here’s the breakdown of what Super Scary Substack will feature:


So what’s the anthology about? As Williamson puts it, “It’s a horror anthology that takes place in the world of Nailbiter. Some of the stories are written by me, some are written by Mike and some are written by guest writers. It will all have guest artists. Mike is doing intro pieces for each story.”

Expect the anthology in print, but fans can get the chapters early via the Substack. Founders tier subscribers will also get a physical copy along with other perks.

Check out the cover of the anthology below.

Joshua Williamson launches 'Super Scary Substack' and 'Nailbiter' horror anthology


Williamson also said he and Henderson will be using the Substack as a development journal for that project.


Anyone who signs up for the yearly plan gets:

  • A signed copy of NAILBITER VOL.1.
  • Nailbiter collectable card sets.
  • A Nailbiter enamel pin.
  • A Nailbiter T-Shirt.

Here’s a breakdown of the four-tier options if you’d like to subscribe:


  • Weekly newsletter full of updates! 
  • Covers, comic previews and more! Breaking art and covers!  


  • Tales from the Nailbiter and other Terrifying Stories! – A horror Anthology – Digital chapters. In the Nailbiter series we developed fourteen serial killers called the “Buckaroo Butchers,” but we never showed a fleshed-out history of those serial killers.  This would be additive to the Nailbiter comic series as each chapter would tell the horror stories of those killers in that world. Hosted by the Nailbiter himself. Each issue with a new guest artist. Written by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson and surprise guests! Launching in October! 
  • BEHIND THE SCENES! – I have multiple creator-owned comics in development starting with DARK RIDE #1 in October. This will be the place to get a behind the scenes look at the development of those creator owned series. 
  • FLASH FACTS – Behind the scenes breakdown/posts of every single issue of my 100 + issue Flash run. Each month I will give details into each trade paperback collection.  
  • Full scripts from past projects – I’ll post a digital copy of one of my scripts. One per month. Starting with ROBIN #1 from 2021. 
  • Breaking in – Stories about breaking into comics. Including that time in 2007 when I had to go to the hospital in the middle of a convention but still made all my meetings or in 2012 when I thought my whole career was over. I’ll talk about the low moments and the triumphs. 
  • Early bird access to new merchandise and exclusives on the website. 
  • 5% discount on items in the new webstore launching October 2022.  


  • Everything at the FREE and MONTHLY level. 
  • NAILBITER FAN CLUB BOX – Exclusive box that contains a signed copy of vol.1 by Mike and I. Nailbiter trading cards set. A Nailbiter t-shirt. AND an enamel Nailbiter PIN. 
  • Behind the scenes look at the development and progress of the NAILBITER TABLE TOP GAME – Be there from the start as we try to make Nailbiter into a game!  
  • This is ONLY at the Annual sign-up level.  

$250- Founders Tier. SUPER SCARY CLUB LEVEL! 

  • Everything at the Free and Monthly level. 
  • “Tales from the Nailbiter and other Terrifying Stories” trade paperback collection when it is in PRINT.
  • THE SUPER SCARY BOX – Exclusive box with the SUPER SCARY PIN and the Super Scary T-shirt that let’s people know you are in the SUPER SCARY CLUB. 
  • First 75 sign ups will get a special version of the Super Scary Pin that will never be remade. This is a really nice fancy metal version.
  • The first 400 members will get a DARK RIDE #1 EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER by Mike Henderson. This is the only way you will ever get this cover. Ever. 

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