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DC vs. Vampires #11
DC Comics

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‘DC vs. Vampires’ #11 begins to tie up loose ends

Earth’s heroes are beginning their final, desperate battle against Nightwing’s vampire army.

As DC Comics’ epic apocalyptic nightmare DC vs. Vampires begins to come to an end, the creative team behind the brutal event is finally beginning to tie up loose ends. As the finale of the war against Earth’s vampires looms closer, DC vs. Vampires #11 – out today – brings new hope to the heroes’ cause, while continuing to highlight the devastation of the vampires’ rule. 

SPOILERS AHEAD for DC vs. Vampires #11!

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Written by the twisted minds of James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg with gorgeous art by Otto Schmidt, DC vs. Vampires #11 opens with a single page dedicated to the tense working relationship between Alfred and John Constantine, before we are thrust directly into the Bat-Family’s massive confrontation in Gotham City. Last issue saw Barbara Gordon reveal her long-kept secret plan – turning on a handful of powerful Bat Symbol generators imbued with UV power – and now Batgirl and the rest of the surviving Bat-Family are in a desperate fight for their lives. In a brilliant strategic move, the vampiric but still heroic Damian Wayne kills a vampire by thrusting a spear through Frankenstein’s chest – a creative but frankly rude tactic. This issue continues to honor Bruce’s legacy by gathering the remaining members of the Bat-Family and having them fight as valiantly as Batman would have, although it ends with the heroes up against some of Nightwing’s biggest assets, like Power Girl, Cassie, and Mr. Freeze. 

Simultaneously, the sneaky crew of Steel, Jayla, and Supergirl successfully sneak into the vampires’ alien emigration base in Australia, set on getting Kara access to the sun to finally empower her once again. Of course, the rag tag group of heroes runs into trouble in the form of Lobo, a great use of the Main Man in a series as his typical anti-heroic self, doing what he must to stay on top. This issue continues to prove how useful and strategic Jayla is, with her using the newfound abilities she got after the death of her twin to successfully sneak Kara past Martian Manhunter and on to an outbound spaceship. While Kara is able to get onto the space ship, Manhunter immediately demands his people take the ship down. As Kara is looking out the ship at the approaching cloud line, the ship explodes, leaving Supergirl’s fate a mystery.

'DC vs. Vampires' #11 begins to tie up loose ends
DC Comics

Finally, writers Tynion and Rosenberg continue Green Arrow’s blood farm plotline, with some continued urine jokes about Swamp Thing that don’t really land with him or this reader. Pee jokes aside, a major highlight of Oliver’s plot is the inclusion of Grifter, who brings a good dose of reality to Queen’s plan. Oliver, Grifter, and Swamp Thing’s assault on Camp Hiawatha is the only one of the three plots to truly end with secure hope, with our three invading heroes ready to take on Hawkman and his vampiric soldiers using impressive stakes and bows crafted from Swamp Thing’s flesh.

While this issue continues to progress its three main plots nicely, preparing all of them for the final confrontation, they are still disappointingly separate, with little to no communication between the three groups. With Constantine’s appearance on page one and his ability to magically communicate, it seems like Hellblazer should be doing more work to connect these disparate groups into one unified but spread out team. Regardless, Otto Schmidt’s art continues to impress with its difficult work of instilling hope, brutality, and dynamic action all at once, leaving the reader feeling more connected to each character and plot every issue, even though the reader knows that most of their heroes are probably doomed. 

DC vs. Vampires #11 quickly pulls readers in with dynamic, exciting action, well-written subterfuge, and an ability to progress each plot line nicely, even though the issue must focus on three separate threads. While the plot lines still feel slightly disconnected, this issue continues to bring them closer together, and the reader should trust that the event’s writers are leading everything to one epic, violent conclusion. 

DC vs. Vampires #11
‘DC vs. Vampires’ #11 begins to tie up loose ends
DC vs. Vampires #11
DC vs. Vampires #11 admirably progresses the major plots along, leading nicely into the event's brutal finale. The Bat-Family's battle in Gotham, Jayna's power upgrade, and Lobo's inclusion are all highlights.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Bat-Family's Gotham battle continues to inspire
Instills some hope without reducing the level of violence or betrayal
Stunning art is as dynamic as it is brutal
The three major plot lines still seem disconnected
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