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Daredevil #6
Marvel Comics

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‘Daredevil’ #6 review: Control

As Matt Murdock gathers his forces, Elektra makes an alarming discovery. Is the Fist making more enemies than allies?

The Red Fist Saga hits Part 6 with this week’s issue, and this adventure continues the first arc of the recent Daredevil volume. Chip Zdarsky ends this arc with quite the cliffhanger as the battle between the Fist and the Hand is being set up. We have Rafael de Latorre on art chores for this issue, with Matthew Wilson bringing the colors. This issue continues the trend of having various Marvel guest stars and great fight scenes, but now the Hand has been exposed. Once you see what Elektra spies, you’ll wonder just how much reach the Hand has.

Daredevil #6
Marvel Comics

The issue opens with Doc Sasquatch having sessions with various characters, which is a fun way for Chip Zdarsky to let you know who is joining the Fist. These moments are enjoyable as they peel back the costumes and help to inform the reader of the character’s motivations; I also think this is an excellent place for Zdarsky to plant seeds that will come to play once these characters come to battle. The use of the symbiote Agony makes me think that she will have a very significant moment in future issues, which can be a great callback to when a symbiote took over Matt Murdock during the King in Black crossover.

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The conversations continued throughout the issue, and I enjoyed how Chip Zdarsky played with Bullet. The banter between Bullet and Matt Murdock was great as the two characters challenged each other. The two characters have a long history with each other, and I appreciate that Zdarsky uses their relationship to create a discussion that has the two fight without using their fists. Yet this time, Bullet won. When Bullet left Matt Murdock, there was a moment of reflection, and Matt showed extreme anger; I wonder if that was because of the situation or if it was due to the upgrade of Matt’s senses. I’m looking forward to seeing how the upgrade plays out in Matt’s life.

Daredevil #6
Marvel Comics

Rafael de Latorre does a great job with the art, holding the high standard that Marco Checchetto has set. In that opening scene, with the characters facing the reader, de Latorre shines by giving vital definitions to the characters out of costume. When de Latorre draws non-human characters like Stegron and Agony, he shows just how wild and exotic their features are, and when he draws the others, he does a great job with their body language to match their wants. There are action scenes in the issue that also highlight de Latorre’s abilities; I enjoyed Elektra’s moments as the art plays to several of her skill sets.

Those moments with Elektra are a significant piece of action that will help ignite the upcoming conflict with the Hand and other Marvel heroes. I was shocked to see the face-off with Elektra that quickly after the last issue’s breaking out of supervillains. Chip Zdarsky is planting some major seeds that can lead to quite the conflict later as the Hand and Fist go to work while the other Marvel heroes intervene. We just had Avengers vs. X-Men vs. Eternals, but this group of characters coming to blows has me very excited. I am hoping things will speed up to get the significant conflict going as now that we’ve seen the leader of the Hand, hopefully, that’ll mean business will get very serious soon.

Daredevil #6
‘Daredevil’ #6 review: Control
Daredevil #6
This issue helps to progress the upcoming war between the Fist and the Hand. A wild reveal will have you wondering how much power the Hand holds, Daredevil is dealing with a heavy crown as a leader, and Elektra will be on the run. Are they strong enough for war? Zdarsky and de Latorre bring intense drama with the Red Fist Saga.
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Colorist Matt Wilson for keeping a strong consistent atmosphere no matter who the artist is
Artist Rafael de Latorre squeezes some action in what is mostly a character drama piece
Chip Zdarsky has the places in piece to start the much anticipated Fist vs. Hand war; the two reveals in this issue add to the hype
While the hype and character interactions are great, it would be nice to see things advance faster in the Hand vs Fist war lead up
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