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Nightwing #101
DC Comics

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‘Nightwing’ #101 review: It’s time for the Titans!

A strong issue that kickstarts the new era for Dick Grayson and the Titans.

Nightwing #100 ended with a big change to the status quo for Nightwing. The Titans are coming to town, and they plan on setting up shop there for a while. Not too long after the monumental issue, Tom Taylor announced he would similarly be writing the upcoming Titans series. So, it seems like the upcoming arc is planning on laying the groundwork for the forthcoming series. The question remains, does having the Titans stay, albeit temporarily, in Nightwing’s title, get overcrowding? Frankly, no, Tom Taylor and Travis Moore find time to provide the rightful spotlight to Blüdhaven’s protector while utilizing his friends to deliver a compelling story.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Nightwing #101!

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Before we get any further, if you haven’t read Nightwing #98, you might want to do so. Okay, moving to the issue itself, it seems that Neron is still quite displeased the Titans were able to conceal Olivia Desmond from him. He has decided to take matters into his own hands and speak with the Grinning Man, who seems to be a new creation with ominous powers. He is apparently similar to Deadman, but with a cruel twist. With him preparing to clash with the Titans, this seems to be an interesting supernatural story. It’s nice to see the Titans fight a supernatural force other than Trigon, as the team is well adept to various kinds of threats. It’s clear Taylor isn’t planning on making this easy for the team as they get readjusted to working together in a new city.

Nightwing #101
Credit: DC Comics

The issue is overall a strong first step in the right direction for balancing the importance of delivering a compelling Nightwing story that places him in the spotlight while also giving time to develop those around him. Taylor successfully depicts Dick as the leader of the team while showing his individual strengths as a hero. Throughout the story, we see glimpses of all the different reasons Nightwing is being put on an A-list level as a hero. However, there is one part near the end that might not please some readers. Although it sets up the overarching story at work, the cliffhanger being used for this does not work for the mere fact it downplays Nightwing’s capabilities for the sake of being a narrative tool. Although this doesn’t ruin the story, it may be displeasing for longtime readers of the series as it seems repetitive.

The second part of the issue continues C.S. Pacat’s story of Nightwing training Jon Kent, which started in the Nightwing 2022 Annual. Pacat may be working her story in backup issues for the series, but make no mistake, her story is just as important to the series. Dick and Jon have been working together for a few months now, and through his mentorship, Jon is learning from Dick how to fight. Superman knows how to fight, but how hard should each punch be when you’re the Man of Steel against an insignificant gang member? And how perceptive could one be to solving a mystery when they have a plethora of powers that might come in handy? Through this short story, Pacat continues to have a perfect voice for both characters as the stakes just keep getting higher and higher.

Both Travis Moore and Eduardo Pansica bring their A-game to their respective stories. Moore, who is partnering with Taylor for the Titans story, seems to only get better and better. Moore is no stranger to writing the Titans, both in previous Nightwing issues and in the Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe, and continues to beautifully pencil each character. With Moore comes a gorgeous and emotive style of art that furthers the narrative. Having him work on this arc seems like a perfect idea that finally gives Moore the Titans story he deserves. Similarly, Pansica also is the best fit for his story with Pacat. His dynamic and gritty art style helps to deliver the level of intensity needed for their half of the issue. Overall, both artists raise the bar for what to look for in great storytelling.

Nightwing #101 is a strong issue that kickstarts the new era for Dick Grayson and the Titans. Both Taylor and Pacat are working their best to bring about some of the most important changes necessary for shaking up the status quo. With spectacular art, both parts of the issue combine to carry the emotional weight necessary to bring the story to life. There is a new era coming for Blüdhaven, and Nightwing fans better get ready for 2023 as things seem to be far from slowing down.

Nightwing #101
‘Nightwing’ #101 review: It’s time for the Titans!
Nightwing #101
In the first chapter of this team-up arc, 'Nightwing' #101 carries two compelling stories that will keep readers on the edge of their seat for all the things yet to come.
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The Grinning Man is a terrifying new foe
Travis Moore and Eduaredo Pansica deliver stunning art
Nightwing remains the spotlight in an issue filled with team-ups
The cliffhanger in the first half is redundant
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