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'Nightwing' #107 brings on the swashbuckling

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‘Nightwing’ #107 brings on the swashbuckling

Another great issue that ends with an exciting cliffhanger.

Dick Grayson took a bullet to the head and lived to tell the tale. In the world of superheroes, this could be just another Tuesday. But, typically, some people are considered “off limits” from severe harm. Their book sales are the backbone of the industry. At this point, not many heroes in the DC Universe have the same popularity that Nightwing has. Calm, cool, collected, and most of all a tactical genius, Dick’s led the Titans and the Justice League. So when he became “Ric Grayson,” it was a dramatic shift of tone for the character. But when Dan Jurgens ended his tenure on the title, he ensured it ended with the protector of Blüdhaven back on his feet.

Now, Tom Taylor is taking us for a stroll down memory lane as this time in Dick Grayson’s life resurfaces with new questions to pose. Maybe there was more going on that we, and Dick, didn’t know about. Blüdhaven has a mysterious past, and so does Dick’s ex-girlfriend Beatrice “Bea” Bennett. How much do the history of Blüdhaven and Bea have in common? Nightwing #107 begins to answer that question. Additionally, Michael Conrad continues his backup story with Serg Acuña.

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Nightwing #107
Credit: DC Comics

This issue takes a lot of interesting concepts that Tom Taylor has hinted at in the past and further develops them rather successfully. This arc brings something well earned in the series: Nightwing being put against the wall facing a challenge against a problem he may have to solve alone. There don’t seem to be any Titans, Leaguers, or Family members on the way anytime soon, so Nightwing is going to have to uncover the mystery of The Hold without a lot of help. The Hold, a secret society that has been in the shadows of Blüdhaven ever since the beginning, has something for Nightwing locked in a box. But before Dick Grayson is going to be able to figure out what’s in the box, he’s going to have to buckle up for an adventure unlike those found grappling across city skyscrapers.

Taylor does a great job pulling at all the right strings in this issue. Proper threads akin to Nightwing are brought together in a rather engaging story. Giving Nightwing a swashbuckling adventure is something fun and well-earned after a long hiatus of the series focusing on the titular character. Stephen Byrne similarly does a good job bringing the story to life with solid art. Although Byrne’s style is a little static, he does a great job depicting a more weathered Nightwing. Dick Grayson isn’t new to the superhero gig, and it’s nice to remember how tenured he is. Adriano Lucas colors the issue beautifully. Lucas, who is just on another level, brings a cool vibrance to the issue that only elevates it.

Additionally, Michael Conrad continues his short backup arc in the later half of the story. It seems Conrad has a gallery of guest characters to contribute to the story. Although parts of this story may be a little cheesy, it’s certainly fun and picks up rather fast. Serg Acuña, a rising artist as of late, depicts the story with a unique electricity that perfectly fits the story. Ivan Plasceencia, the colorist, takes a very acrylic approach to the issue’s art. It’s a bit intense at times, but generally fits the story rather well and makes the backup more animated.

Overall, Nightwing #107 is a very strong entry in the series. This issue may raise some concerns for readers as they get about halfway through it, as Taylor introduces a new threat for Nightwing that may be more than meets the eye. It’s handled well and ends the main story in an unnerving tone that should leave readers anxious to find out what happens next. Additionally, the backup story shows why this is the perfect series to successfully tell short stories relating to Nightiwng’s place in the bigger DC Universe without taking away from the main story.

'Nightwing' #107 brings on the swashbuckling
‘Nightwing’ #107 brings on the swashbuckling
Nigthwing #107
Both parts of Nightwing #107 successfully craft an engaging story for readers.
Reader Rating1 Votes
The main story has a very interesting cliffhanger
The story takes a previously used concept and adds more depth to it
There is a different type of adventure and intrigue around the story than ususual, creating a more engaging story
At times the main story's art isn't animated enough at times where it should deliver exciting scenes
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