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Titans #12
DC Comics

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‘Titans’ #12 continues to be a story of raw emotion

A heartbreaking issue that ends on a bombastic cliffhanger once again.

In the second part of Vanadia’s battle against the Titans, Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer continue to relay one of the most engaging Titans stories. While there are, and always will be, threats that may bring the world to its knees, the bigger threat was their biggest fan. Vanadia may be one of the most interesting creations in Titans’ history because she in part is like most readers. She grew up adoring the Titans, up until the very last moment she could. Which, in a way, is what this particular team represents. In part 5 of “The Dark Winged Queen”, Taylor and Meyer continue to put out a captivating story that is brilliantly illustrated.

Titans #12

DC Comics

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The issue itself moves at an incredible pace, but that all but captures the intensity of the battle they face. While Vanadia is determined to destroy the Titans out of love for the Titans, Raven/The Dark Winged Queen is determined to prevent anything from foiling her plans. Thus, while one challenge presents itself in the immediate, another begins to become more prominent and open. How long before the Titans catch on to what happened to Raven? And how does that tie into whether they can save Vanadia? The two are more interlinked than they appear, thus showing Taylor’s creativity and strong storytelling as he uses both as devices of a grander scheme. By the time the story is over, in true Tom Taylor fashion, this story is one filled with heartbreak and a tad bit of fear for the future. Altogether, the story is very well written and continues to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Titans #12

DC Comics

Once again, Lucas Meyer and Adriano Lucas continue to dazzle as their shared strength for vibrance and intensity work well together to deliver another captivating story. One of the best examples of this is near the end of the story, when Donna Troy, Starfire, and a few other Titans make an explosive entrance onto the page. While their stature remains calm and collected, it’s Meyer’s line work that brings the intensity required for their dramatic effect. This is only bolstered by Lucas’ colors, which have the ability to magnify nuanced things like how fiery Starefire’s hair is when she’s got her sights set on the enemy or how fierce Donna Troy is when those she cares for are harmed. Altogether, the art in this story is something which not only makes the issue more pleasant to read, but it also amplifies the emotional weight of the story.

Altogether, Titans #12 is another strong issue in this series which shows how capable the Titans are of delivering an engaging story. While they may not be the Justice League, they never planned on mirroring them. This independence and righteousness is something that plays well into what the creative team succeeds in, delivering a captivating story that shows how readers are capable of emulating their heroes.

Titans #12
‘Titans’ #12 continues to be a story of raw emotion
Titans #12
Titans #12 is another captivating issue by a strong creative team that exhibits the Titans' ability to inspire others.
Reader Rating1 Votes
The story's emotional weight makes it both captivating and heartbreaking
Characters like Starfire and Donna Troy continue to take the center stage and steal the show
The cliffhanger accelerates the Titans to face off against their most formidable foe
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