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Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review

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Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review

20th Century Fox recently relinquished their rights to make a Daredevil movie and I couldn’t be happier. Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman should rejoice as this is the most likely property Marvel owns that could mimic that successful series. This is a character that not only fights in the shadows but fights villains who are typically as close to reality as possible. There’s no way he’s going toe to toe with Thanos. On top of that, Mark Waid has recently revitalized the character by poking around with his powers in new ways and generally making the character a lot easier to read. With the addition of Mike Allred on this week’s issue, an artist who brings a pop art style that is refreshing, you might call this a must blind buy. Before you do take a peek below as we ask ourselves, is it good?

Daredevil #17 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review

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This issue opens where the last started off. Foggy has discovered the bones of Matt Murdoch’s father in Matt’s drawer. Gross. Foggy assumes Matt has really gone bonkers and takes his name off the door of their once co-owned law firm.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
I wish when I was thinking about something I could get little versions of them floating around my head.

First and foremost, this a flashback issue, so don’t expect any resounding effects on Daredevil aside from his psyche. Writer Mark Waid has done this before, revealing a moment between Foggy and Matt in their early years. It works wonders on the relationship, mostly because it’s easier to believe a past event in these men’s lives would have a stronger effect than if it happened just yesterday. Waid realizes when it comes to men, the ineffectual brutes that we are, tender moments between friends don’t have much of an effect until we’ve let them linger for ten some odd years.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
That is disturbing.

The fighting, because we can’t have comics without a fight scene, is done incredibly well…and it’s freaking Stilt-Man versus Daredevil for crying out loud! Generally Stilt-Man has been used for comic relief, which Daredevil even mentions, but here he’s actually quite formidable. Something about Mike Allred’s pencils make him appear stronger and more foreboding. The difficulty of the battle also puts into perspective just how human Daredevil is.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
Asgardian’s aren’t weak enough to wear deodorant. Harumph!

The bookends of the story are cute. If Daredevil could see for only a few moments, what would he choose to see? Foggy asks this of Matt, but Matt won’t deliver an answer. Instead Foggy chooses for him. It’s a slightly touching moment when we see what he chose for him, especially considering how important that moment was in Daredevil’s creation.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
Cool video game. Also, nice derp face Foggy.

The story has just enough meaning to render it worth a look. The art on the other hand is simply stupendous.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
What…no sound effects!?

Something about Mike Allred’s thick inking really makes his art shine. His pencil work isn’t too detailed and yet it still exudes a lot of energy.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review

I’m not sure how much danger Daredevil realizes he’s in. He’s latched himself onto Stilt-Man going 50 miles an hour with cars, street lights and buildings ready to pummel him to death.

Is It Good? Daredevil #17 Review
Watch out!

Overall this is a good issue…which would have been far better with the customary 24 pages instead of 20. One day I’ll get over this rip off move. That said this is a lighthearted story with some fantastic art. It’s worth a flip through at least. Check back later today to see if it’s good enough to make it into our ten dollar budget in our ComiX Weekly reviews.

Is It Good?



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