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Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Comic Books

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Welcome to Adventures in Poor Taste’s weekly comic book preview, complete with criticisms of the week’s best and worst comic book covers. A full list of the biggest releases of the week is also available at the bottom. Enjoy!

Brendan’s Cover of the Week

Avengers VS X-Men #11

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Jim Cheung

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Brendan: I think this cover is straight-up awesome. I love the action taking place in the battle between Scott and Emma. The lighting of the punch-beams is very brilliant and I love the who’s-who kerfuffle that is taking place in our background. This is Scott’s and Emma’s issue. Everyone else is just watching.

Dave: I really love how Emma’s hair seemingly changes to flames. It imbues the loss of control going on in her head. I also find it interesting she’s coming at Scott with the Phoenix yet he’s using his beam. The way the beam encircles Emma really draws the viewers attention to the center of the cover. Nice touch.

Dave’s Cover of the Week

Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #2

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Avon Oeming

Dave: There is so much to love in this cover. I love how everything is slightly askew which gives the viewer a slightly sick feeling, the exceptionally contrasted red hero with the green background to the expression on the hero’s face using just two white marks for eyes. On top of all that, I’m dying to find out why bodies are falling from the sky.

Brendan: This cover just isn’t for me. The falling people don’t interest me and our hero has an odd skewed/cartoony thing that makes it look like it’s a sketch out of a highschooler’s chemistry book. All in all I wouldn’t pick this comic up.

Brendan’s Honorable Mentions

Game of Thrones # 10

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Mike S. Miller

Brendan: If I’m recalling my lore correctly we’re looking at the Battle of The Green Fork. Either that or it’s the skirmish in the badlands while Tyrion is on his way to the Eyrie. Either way…Dwarf with a battleaxe, man. I was one of those jerks that only began reading the books after the first season of GOT, so imagine how excited I was to find out that that, while cut from the TV show, we get to witness the Little Lion going head-first into battle.

As for the cover, it’s a bit cluttered, but so is war I suppose. I do like the way they make Tyrion stand out by having him be the only warrior dressed in crimson red. There is a lot of action taking place, which I think is nice because it allows you to really get lost in the cover. Green Fork or no, I bet this issue will rule.

Dave: I too like the chaos, although it’s nearly not a comic cover but more of a pulp novel cover. If this was the intention…bravo. I do wish the titles weren’t covering up that knight with the mace in the top left. That might be the most badass dude on this cover.

Avenging Spider-Man #12

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Chris Samnee

Brendan: A nice little ode-du-Rockwell results in Deadpool and Spidey being parked on the Principal’s bench after a little tiff that may or may not have involved a rubber chicken. I love the body language here. Spidey is all Holier-than-thou while Deadpool is more “Ugh. This again.”

Dave: Nice choice to put Spidey in that pose. It’s at once spider like but also frustrated.

Saint #0

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Eduardo Barreto

Brendan: This cover is pretty sweet. I like the profile of our man on the right, but the red characters in the foreground are really great. Our poor sap is literally crawling to save his life while our mysterious murderer coldly pours the gas like it’s going out of style.

Dave: I think I like the typography of the title more than anything else, although that gas pouring is frightening stuff. Everything else is a bit generic.

Resurrection Man #0

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Francesco Francavilla

Brendan: Yeah, these covers are awful. The only thing I like about this cover is the use of the zombie hands trying to pull RM back into the black. It’s as if they’re saying “No! This cover idea is horrible! Come back before they see you!”

Dave: I had the same sort of feeling about the arms sprucing up this tired cover theme. Plus RM’s growing flesh and muscles is neat. It’s sad that this is the last RM issue.

Dave’s Honorable Mentions

Orchid #9

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Massimo Carnevale

Dave: Two words: Axe horse. What a cool looking machine and honestly a great idea when trampling into battle. The always great Carnevale (who did a ton of amazing Y: the Last Man covers) imbues a sense of urgency with the smoke and charging riders in the distance.

Brendan: I, too, am interested axe horses. I love the depth here, and our fearless heroines charging into battle are very badass. This cover is very pretty and I enjoy it thoroughly.

Captain America And Black Widow #636

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Francesco Francavilla

Dave: I don’t know why Captain America’s shield is dripping blood, but god knows I want to find out why. The look on his face sends shivers down my spine. The man sees something positively atrocious and methinks it has something to do with Black Widow blowing some folks away. Francavilla did an amazing job a few months back with Captain America & Bucky, which I reviewed and loved here, and this will most likely be just as entertaining.

Brendan: I also dig Cap’s expression. I could lose Black Widow and not think twice, but the majority of the cover is great. I also would have made Cap’s shield bigger. This is all personal preference, folks. I think it’s a very nice cover.

X-Men Legacy #273

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Mark Brooks

Dave: What better way to draw interest to a very boring story arc than to throw its hero on an incredibly badass beastie only Conan the Barbarian deserves. The beautiful mountainscape, the moon, the pile of bodies…what a scene that is being set. I was going to not read this book this week based on the last two sucking so hard. Now I’m not so sure.

Brendan: Isn’t that the monster cat from He-Man? Rogue, how did you get that wildcat? What did you do to that MOUNTAIN of bodies at your feet? This cover is inexplicably badass, almost to the point of it being false advertising.

WTF? Category

Where we don’t understand, are insulted by or would rather stab our eyes with acid pops than look at these covers for various reasons.

Crossed Badlands #13 (Torture Cover)

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Oscar Jimenez

Dave: What. The. F--k. Full disclosure: this series is all about the ultra violent covers (and pages) to draw readers in. Sure, that’s fine; just another way to bring in some bucks, right? Well this is just sick on a whole new level. I’m not saying it doesn’t do a great job exhibiting a horrific scene that would be banned in 99% of the world’s countries if made into a movie. I’m just saying, good f-----g god!

Brendan: Every week I open the Crossed covers expecting the worst of the worst, and every week they deliver. It has reached a point of pure boredom that no matter what they throw at me, I just brush it off. Killing babies? Whatever. Crashing planes into two large, equally sized building? No one cares, man. Their gimmick has completely stopped working, and that worries me.

Avengers VS X-Men #11

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Sara Pichelli

Brendan: Holy s--t. Is she shooting a fire-laser through Cyclops’ brain? Are we watching Cyclops die? How does one “get better” from a fire-beam through the head? If Cyc dies at the end of this issue then they need to throw up some spoiler warnings, yo.

Dave: Wow, based on the Uncanny cover, this Scott/Emma battle is going to be intense. Either these guys love the kink or they’re hate f-----g their way to a rousing conclusion.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book #5 (of 5) (Cover B)

Comic Book Preview: 9/12/12

Tommy Patterson

Dave: This cover is very nice, with the curvaceous tree/woman and exceptional coloring. My little pet peeve here though, is the puma’s tail. That thing not only is ridiculously long, but it’s wrapping around the branch like a tentacle. There’s no way that puma has that kind of control. And don’t get me started on tentacle covers!

Brendan: Dave has reached a point where he has started finding tentacles in any cover he sees. The other week he sent me a hyperlink called “OMG WTF TENTACLES”. It was an Archie cover. Archie was eating a sundae.

Dave has a problem.

Comics Being Released This Week

Via Prices in USD. “AR” = Ask Retailer. Comic availability subject to change.

  • Crossed Badlands #13, $3.99
  • Dicks #8, $3.99
  • Stitched #7, $3.99

  • Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #3, $3.99
  • Fanboys Vs Zombies #6, $3.99
  • Planet Of The Apes #9, $9.99

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #13 , $2.99
  • Chronicles Of King Conan Volume 3 TP, $18.99
  • Conan The Barbarian #8, $3.50
  • Creep #1 (Of 4), $3.50
  • Massive #4, $3.50
  • Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #2 (Of 5), $3.99
  • Orchid #9, $3.50
  • Star Wars Crimson Empire III Empire Lost TP, $19.99
  • Star Wars Knight Errant Escape #4 (Of 5), $3.50
  • Star Wars Lost Tribe Of The Sith Spiral #2 (Of 5), $2.99
  • Star Wars The Crimson Empire Saga HC, $34.99
  • Strain #8, $3.50

  • American Vampire Lord Of Nightmares #4 (Of 5), $2.99
  • Batgirl #0, $2.99
  • Batman #0, $3.99
  • Batman And Robin #0, $2.99
  • Batman Arkham Unhinged #6, $2.99
  • Before Watchmen Comedian #3 (Of 6), $3.99
  • Deathstroke #0, $2.99
  • Demon Knights #0, $2.99
  • Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #0, $2.99
  • Green Lantern Corps #0, $2.99
  • Green Lantern The Animated Series #6, $2.99
  • Grifter #0, $2.99
  • He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #2 (Of 6), $2.99
  • Legion Lost #0, $2.99
  • Punk Rock Jesus #3 (Of 3), $2.99
  • Ravagers #0, $2.99
  • Resurrection Man #0 (Final Issue), $2.99
  • Saucer Country #7, $2.99
  • Shade #12 (Of 12), $2.99
  • Suicide Squad #0, $2.99
  • Superboy #0, $2.99
  • Team 7 #0, $2.99

  • Doctor Who Annual 2012, $7.99
  • Rocketeer Cargo Of Doom #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Chris Samnee), $3.99
  • Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Annual 2012, $7.99

    • Activity #8, $3.50
    • Chew #28, $2.99
    • Darkness #106, $2.99
    • Haunt #26, $2.99
    • Hoax Hunters #3, $2.99
    • It Girl And The Atomics #2, $2.99
    • Manhattan Projects #6, $3.50
    • Memoir #6 (Of 6), $3.50

    • Avengers Assemble #7, $3.99
    • Avengers Vs X-Men #11 (Of 12), $3.99
    • Avenging Spider-Man #12, $3.99
    • Captain America #17, $3.99
    • Captain America And Black Widow #636, $2.99
    • Fantastic Four #610, $2.99
    • Incredible Hulk #13, $3.99
    • Journey Into Mystery #643, $2.99
    • Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #6, $2.99
    • New Avengers #30, $3.99
    • Scarlet Spider #9, $2.99
    • Ultimate Comics X-Men #16, $3.99
    • Uncanny X-Force #31, $3.99
    • Uncanny X-Men #18, $3.99
    • Winter Soldier #10, $2.99
    • Wolverine And The X-Men #16, $3.99
    • X-Men #35, $3.99
    • X-Men Legacy #273, $2.99
    • X-Treme X-Men #3, $2.99

    • Harbinger #4, $3.99
    • X-O Manowar #5, $3.99

    • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book #5 (Of 5), $2.99
    • Waking Dreams End #4 (Of 5), $3.99

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