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Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0

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Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0

Writer Grant Morrison has spent quite a bit of time developing his version of Batman and most would argue the idea of a Batman corporation is an interesting one. Embarking on this Batman globalization project are crime fighting heroes such as Man-of-Bats and Raven, to name a few. It has been a good week for Batman though, with the Dark Knight Returns animated movie being released. Batman Incorporated #0 shows us how Batman recruited the heroes that make up Batman Inc. Sadly most of the #0 issues from DC that have more than dissapointing, we must ask ourselves, for humanity’s sake, is it good?

Batman Incorporated #0 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0

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There isn’t anything better than a little perspective change to expand one’s mind on a subject. Case in point this series, where we see Batmen from other countries looking absolutely ridiculous. Although copycat Batmen would definitely be a plausible scenario, a lot of them just kind of seem silly in comparison; nearly lampooning the Batman character. Then again, there can only be one true Batman, and it’s cool to see other cultures’ takes on the caped crusader archetype. That’s one reason this series has worked so well and finally we get an issue that spends all of its time giving these heroes the spotlight.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Now that is an epic shot.

I’m not sure how Frazer Irving does these pretty pictures (my best guess is computer help), but I sure do love it. His use of different colors for different Batman does a good job of changing the feel of the heroes. For instance, the hero from Australia is bathed in yellow, which if you put some thought into it, is how Australia seems. Dry desert essentially.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Batman does an Iron Man impression with his Batman robots.

Irving also does an exceptional job with movement and action. The multiple bodies of the hero as they move through time (ala Spider-Man) is done a few times yet each time a little bit differently.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Jump and kick and flip and jump and kick and…

Morrison doesn’t use Batman too often and in most cases he appears simply to be a guiding light for these headhunted heroes; which is good, since it’s their minds that we’re trying to look into. That said the comic doesn’t delve too deeply into their psychosis, but rather shines a light on their trials and tribulations of joining a global Batman Inc.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Bat advice

Using Batman sparingly helps punch up the scenes where he does show up. You get the impression he’s a guiding light many of these B-list heroes look up to. At the very least Batman Inc. is a godsend as now they can be taken seriously.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you’re my…er Australian dude.

I could read a miniseries with these characters, which does bring up a negative of this issue. There’s too many characters over too few pages. They’re spread thin since they don’t get much time devoted to their stories. I’m pretty sure most readers would agree 7 issues devoted to these characters would be a good thing.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
And to think people say Batman is gay. Oh wait…Morrison said that in his book.

Morrison has a good bead on Batman and building an Inc. around him only strengthens the character. If this issue is an indication of anything it’s that the character deserves a branching out to strengthen the property.

Is It Good? Batman Incorporated #0
Seriously when does he eat?

This was a well written and beautifully drawn issue. My only reservation is there wasn’t enough of the characters, but that has more to do with the good writing and limitations of the single issue format. Check to see if it’s made it into our top comics of the week column ComiX Weekly.

Is It Good?

Interesting characters and pretty pictures? You bet.


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