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Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Comic Books

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Avengers vs. X-Men ends, Before Watchmen continues and plenty of fear-inducing Halloween comics come out this week. We pick out our favorites, least favorites and hopefully maintain our sanity in the process. A full list of the comics being released by the biggest publishers can be found at the bottom. Enjoy.

Brendan’s Cover of the Week

Avengers vs X-Men #12 Variant

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Jerome Opeña

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Brendan: Now, this is a very pretty cover. It contains a lot of drama, excellent colors and a great layout. Cyclops is about to ruin the lives of everyone in the Marvel universe and we get a front row seat! I really can’t wait.

Dave: Opeña has been rocking it hard on Uncanny X-Force for quite some time now. What amazes me is he has the ability to create an intriguing cover, but also do all the interiors of a book just as well. The man has undeniable talent with composition and pencil work.

Dave’s Cover of the Week

Dial H #5

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Brian Bolland

Dave: Holy bleeping Inception Batman! What a mind trip this cover is. Your eyes try to see the buildings as straight but their curving nature makes you do a double take every time. I also love the graphics used to make this monster so vivid and cosmic looking. Looks like reality is about to go through a bender. Get it!? Bender!

Brendan: I do love the way the buildings warp to draw our attention to the antagonist. Also, the size difference between our hero and our villain really lets you know the odds are stacked in evil’s favor. With very little effort they have made a formidable foe and I am genuinely interested in the contents of this comic.

Brendan’s Honorable Mentions

Harvest #3

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Colin Lorimer

Brendan: Harvest continues to please with the third installment of its ongoing image. We have our messianic victim getting ready for a very costly new heart, but he doesn’t seem too bummed about it. What is really great about these covers is that with each new image you are witnessing the progression of the story. Each new issue adds another layer to the ones that came before.

Dave: Ooooh, that price tag is just a straight up evil touch. Very nice halo effect above the guy’s head and the way the doctor is gripping the heart is rather angelic. Wouldn’t you say?

Russ: If you think a doctor offering a bloodied heart for an exorbitant fee is in any way “angelic,” I think you’ve been getting “gripped” in the wrong places, Dave. Or have angels confused with — what’s the phrase I’m looking for? Oh, blood-sucking leeches. Yeah, that’s it.

Animal Man #13

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Steve Pugh

Brendan: Hawkman has seen better days. This cover is filled with the amazing detail we have come to love from Mr. Pugh. The depth, the colors and the gruesome images make this cover amazing.

Dave: Pugh is the master of disgusting. Something about the incredible detail and his knack for creating disturbing creatures sends a shiver down your spine every time. The teeth at the top corners adds a sense of impending doom as well.

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Lee Bermajo

Brendan: There are some cute self-references in this cover. That’s the only reason I picked it. You have the mask made of ketchup. You have the blot on his scramby eggs. Perhaps it’s layered on a bit thick, but I’ve always been a fan of in-jokes.

Dave: It takes a second, but you’ll notice his face is a reflection on the marble counter top. It’s at this point you realize the red is ketchup on its surface and his mask is staring back at him. A very cool concept that works with Bermajo’s impeccable hand.

Dave’s Honorable Mentions

Creepy Comics #10

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

E.M. Gist

Dave: They should have titled this issue Horrific as that vagina toothed monster is mucho disgusting. The added shininess to the thing’s skin really makes my own skin crawl and it’s dripping maw is made more horrific by how close it’s coming to the soft cantaloupe that is the womans head.

Brendan: I believe you mean a toothy vagina monster, Dave. A vagina-toothed monster would be a beast that has vaginas for teeth. Anyway, this cover creeps me right out but i dig that. The muted dark colors create this grim reality where the only shining light is an unconscious woman in certain peril.

Hack/Slash #18

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Matt Merhoff & Matt Merhoff

Dave: Get your mind out of the gutter and look at the play of light and shadow. Okay fine, the breasts do look very nice, but you can’t deny the cover, while extremely simple, does its job with the fearful anticipation.

Brendan: Great shadowing is what makes this cover, indeed. While I normally complain about blank backgrounds, the encompassing blackness really sets the mood.

Defenders #11

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Terry Dodson

Dave: The solicit reads, “What are the death celestials?” to which I respond, “I don’t know but it’s a pretty cool idea!” Okay so its face looks like the Punisher emblem which is kind of dumb, but the cover does a sweet job with perspective. I love how Shadowcat is fleeing, Surfer doesn’t know what to do and the lightning looks sick cutting through the sky. A great use of space if I do say so myself.

Brendan: The perspective is cool, but I feel like the foreground characters (Strange, Fury) were pasted into this image. They feel incredibly flat and added-in. Also, is the celestial casting a shadow onto the cloud behind him? I don’t think that is how light works.

WTF? Category

Where we don’t understand, are insulted by or would rather stab our eyes with acid pops than look at these covers for various reasons.

Axe Cop: President of the World #3

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Ethan Nicolle

Dave: This is actually a pretty cool cover, but you have to squint. The detail in this tornado is insane, but there lies the problem with this cover; you could stare at this thing for 15 full minutes and not know what the hell is going on. It’s a neat idea, but the brown cloud at center probably should be made up of the creatures to show it’s a twister. A quick glance might make you think it’s a giant hand with monster fingertips. Nice Where’s Waldo idea though.

Brendan: OHHHH I see it now. This cover is cool and well detailed, but it does make you triple-take to fully understand what’s going on. Honestly, I’m not certain that is a bad thing. I could write up arguments for both sides of that coin.

War Goddess #10

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Jason Eden

Dave: If you’ve read every single preview here on AiPT (and really who hasn’t?) you’ll know I really hate magical whips. I say magical because they often bend the laws of physics. That thing is impossibly wrapping around the woman. Unless she’s trying to lasso herself it’s just dumb.

Brendan: Every once in awhile I just want to see a cover where we have two ladies duking it out in a traditional brawl fashion. No props, no overly sexualized poses. I just want one broad slugging some other broad in a Hulk vs Superman fashion. Is that so much to ask?

World’s Finest #5

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Jerry Ordway

Dave: There is no denying those are tentacles grabbing at this woman, but hey at least it’s an inventive raping machine at left instead of the usual disgusting multi toothed monster. Said machine is actually kind of interesting to look at, but tentacles…again…come on DC. You’re better than that. Aren’t you? Over the last few previews…no…no you’re not.

Brendan: Hey man, the kids want tentacles, you get them tentacles. Whatever makes sales go up amirite? Outside of our odd infatuation, this cover is a bit off. I feel like the colors in the bottom right corner are drastically converse to the colors of our tentacle-gun-monster in the top left. Normally, I am a fan of such a contrast, but this one is so extreme that it causes the weapon to look unreal and out of place.

Minimum Carnage Alpha #1

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Clayton Crain

Brendan: So this is what it has come to. One of the most nefarious and bad-ass creations of the 90s has been diminished (pun!) to silly gimmicks in order to be sellable? I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ll never find a larger fan of Innerspace but Carnage should be marketable without such a ploy. Or perhaps he isn’t. If that’s the case, stop using him.

Dave: Scarlet Spider and Venom team up!? Good lord what a great idea. To fight a super shrunk Carnage? Say wha? Eye rolling may commence….now.

Russ: They should make a Minimum Carnage video game. Solely so I can make up for the hours I spent curled up in a ball on my parents’ living room floor, scratching feebly at the rug and profusely sobbing as I had my ass handed to me again and again in Maximum Carnage for the SNES.

Fashion Beast #2

Comic Book Preview: 10/3/12

Facundo Percio

Brendan: Creepy. Everything about this cover is creepy. I don’t like it. Nope. Not interested. Too creepy. I don’t like it.

Dave: What is wrong with your face?!!! Is that Sandman at the center? I think there’s enough going on in this cover to warrant a peek inside. Maybe just enough to figure out why they have such withered wrinkled faces.

Russ: Can’t sleep… wrinkly, wooden testicle-faced old gnomic ladies’ll eat me.

Comics Being Released This Week

This is a cleaned up list via Prices in USD. “AR” = Ask Retailer. Comic availability subject to change.

  • AVATAR Press
  • Fashion Beast #2, $3.99
  • Ferals #9, $3.99

  • Axe Cop President Of The World #3 (Of 3), $3.50
  • Creepy Comics #10, $4.99

  • Action Comics #13, $3.99
  • Animal Man #13 , $2.99
  • Batwing #13 , $2.99
  • Before Watchmen Rorschach #2 (Of 4), $3.99
  • Detective Comics #13, $3.99
  • Dial H #5 , $2.99
  • Earth 2 #5, $2.99
  • Fairest #8 , $2.99
  • G.I. Combat #5 , $3.99
  • Green Arrow #13 , $2.99
  • Green Lantern #13, $2.99
  • Legends Of The Dark Knight #1, $3.99
  • Scooby-Doo Where Are You #26 , $2.99
  • Smallville Season 11 #6 , $3.99
  • Stormwatch #13 , $2.99
  • Swamp Thing #13 , $2.99
  • Sweet Tooth #38 , $2.99
  • Worlds’ Finest #5, $2.99

  • Crow #4 (Of 5), $3.99
  • Doctor Who #1, $3.99
  • Love And Capes What To Expect #3 (Of 6), $3.99

    • Black Kiss II #3 (Of 6), $2.99
    • Bloodstrike #31, $3.99
    • Danger Club #4, $2.99
    • Fatale #8, $3.50
    • Guarding The Globe #2, $2.99
    • Hack Slash #18, $3.50
    • Harvest #3 (Of 5), $3.50
    • Non-Humans #1 (Of 4), $2.99
    • Thief Of Thieves #9, $2.99

    • Age Of Apocalypse #8, $2.99
    • Amazing Spider-Man #695, $3.99
    • Avengers Academy #38, $2.99
    • Avengers Vs X-Men #12 (Of 12), $4.99
    • AvX Vs #6 (Of 6), $3.99
    • Daredevil End Of Days #1 (Of 8), $3.99
    • Defenders #11, $3.99
    • Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Reader #3, $3.99
    • Minimum Carnage Alpha #1, $3.99
    • Muppets #4 (Of 4), $2.99
    • Road To Oz #2 (Of 6), $3.99
    • Spaceknights #1 (Of 3), $3.99
    • Uncanny X-Force #32, $3.99
    • Uncanny X-Men #19, $3.99

    • Charmed #24, $3.50
    • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Bad Girls #3 (Of 5), $2.99
    • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood #1, $2.99

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