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Is It Good? Cable and X-Force #1 Review

Ever since Cable decided to assassinate the Avengers he’s been MIA, but we all knew he’d rear his one-eyed head eventually. Artist Salvador Larroca has finally been moved off of Iron Man and is doing new things, which can only be good for his creative juices. Generally #1 issues spend more time setting up their purpose and premise, but as a #1 issue goes, is it good?

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Cable and X-Force #1 (Marvel Comics)

Right off the bat you’re going to wonder if this is the old X-Force, but anyone with a keen eye for marketing will note the title starts with “Cable”. This is essentially his book and with that comes all the Summers’ baggage. Yes, that includes Cyclops and Havok too. Unfortunately for this issue it opens with action, then flashbacks to ten days earlier, which is not only a cheat but hurts its ability to tell a good single issue story.

The team!

This issue is a bit misleading however, namely because it opens with the team doing…something. The majority of the book then proceeds to focus on some Cable augmentation, a fever dream he has and a lot of Hope action. So any of you wishing to know what Hope was doing, this is your book.

Stand down, b---h!

For all intents and purposes the lineup of this team is intriguing. Domino hasn’t been used much so she’s fresh, Colossus has some mental baggage to deal with and more Dr. Nemesis is always a good thing. The problem this issue has, though, is that the formation of the team and their purpose isn’t explained. They seem to be taking out folks who may or may not have a certain virus, but the issue focuses more on Cable’s headaches. How riveting.

This gives Forge something to do, at least.

Any interaction between characters is cold and uninteresting. Cable essentially asks Dr. Nemesis to help him at gunpoint whilst destroying his lab. He agrees for some reason. Hope demands to know where her father is by giving Domino an ultimatum. How sneaky of her. Forge was rescued by Cable, so I guess that makes sense, but if you haven’t read Point 1 #1 you’ll not have the slightest idea why he’s even on the team. Ultimately this doesn’t read like a team book but the wanderings of an old man whose daughter is too whiny for her own good.

You got that right!

Even though this issue reads like a down day for the team there isn’t much development of characters. Hope is looking for Cable, Cable is watching over Hope and everybody else is just there. Larroca’s work shines, but feels a bit unused since most panels are characters walking around with no purpose. The cliffhanger promises a plot and point to the book will develop, but that doesn’t help this issue much.


I was psyched for this issue largely due to the potential team chemistry and artist. So far it still needs to find direction and purpose. Check to see where it stands in our ComiX Weekly 10 dollar budget.

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