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Comic Book Preview: 9/4/13 - Annikin Starkiller and Mutant Flat Tops

Comic Books

Comic Book Preview: 9/4/13 – Annikin Starkiller and Mutant Flat Tops

I’m going to lay it on you straight, friends. Dave is gone. He fled the country. We’re not sure if he’s coming back.

“But Brendan”, you may wonder aloud, “What does this mean for our beloved comic book cover preview that we have come to love?”

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The answer to that is plain and simple. 100% less Dave means 200% more Brendan. That’s right. I’m coming at you with a slight buzz and a ham-fisted collection of this week’s covers that I think deserve attention.

Let’s crank this bitch.

WTF? Category

Where we don’t understand, are insulted by or would rather stab our eyes with acid pops than look at these covers for various reasons.

God is Dead #1


Jacen Burrows

Brendan: Finally! Finally I get a “God as a superhero” comic book that actually looks kind of badass! Honestly, can we all agree that we’d be going to church a bit more often if they tried to sell us an angry god that went Super Saiyan and shot eye lasers?

Red Ten #4


Charles Paul Wilson

Brendan: Wait… is this not a Green Lantern cover? Am I mistaken or hasn’t this exact scene been depicted on a Green Lantern cover before? Given, I know absolutely nothing about the series Red 10 so if I’m missing out on a joke please forgive me. To be honest I’m just happy to see someone ripping off one of the other thousand superheroes instead of just dishing out another Batman clone.

Brendan’s Honorable Mentions

The Star Wars #1


Doug Wheatley

Brendan: Say what you will about the desperate premise of yet another Star Wars comic, but at least they’re making it look good.

Wheatley’s cover is a fantastic blend of odd and familiar that really sells the premise better than any white text could. I think the characters, proportions and colors are all well executed and it really hearkens the original film’s poster. In honesty I wasn’t very interested in this book until I saw this cover. Now I may have to give it a shot.

Codename Action #1


Jae Lee

Brendan: Oh we gettin’ sexy up in here, now. I can’t think of many styles I enjoy as much as negative space or stencil art. Something about the black and white choice just really brings out the class on this cover as well. Another positive note would be Lee’s impeccable sense of detail even when presenting such a simple subject. Small lines in the dress shirt or the contours drawn into her back are what move this cover from flat to fantastic.

Superior Spider-Man #17


Ryan Stegman

Brendan: There are a couple supercool details about this cover that just make me fall in love. First off, I like how you need to really study the vast cityscape before you can actually decipher if it’s our world or the future-world of Spider-Man 2099.

Secondly, I love the difference in posture between the two characters. Oddly enough, 2099’s posture reminds us of our heroes of yore, with a proud vigil, ready for action. Our new iteration of Spidey stalks in shadows, methodically calculating a moment of weakness in which to strike.

X-Men Legacy #16


Mike Del Mundo

Brendan: Mundo is at it again! While the subject may not be as funny or original as the past covers, you can’t deny the pure talent that courses from Mundo’s drawing hand. The shading, colors and character are all amazing. It’s a bit reminiscent of Norman Rockwell.

Brendan’s Top Pick

Hoax Hunters #10


Tristan Jones

Brendan: I adore the hauntingly vivid details put into this cover. You could spend a day just studying the intricate lines of the space suit. The grimy colors are amazing and that ghostly white light comes off as so real I had to question whether it was or not. I don’t understand why Tristan Jones isn’t being sought after by every major comic company in print today. His work is simply impeccable.

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