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Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford

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Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford

Darlings, let me tell you of a now-precious moment in my timeline.

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On Saturday night we celebrated the birth of our life companion David Brooke. It was a wild night of hot tubs, beer horns, Thai food and general debauchery. There was a single moment of clarity during our drunken stupor.

David and I were nestled close in the warm bubbling pool of a stranger’s hot tub. Our burly, hair-ridden shoulders playfully bumped against one another as we slurred our conversation points and longingly looked into each others eyes. I smiled a jester’s grin and asked my favorite man “Dave, what do you really want for your birthday?”

Dave grew quiet, his playful tone vanished into a stern, stoic grimace. He looked my half-naked body up and down before settling his gaze onto my dilated pupils. I was frozen there, paralyzed by a haunting combination of awe and horror.

David licked his lips anxiously, as if he was preparing a speech that has been recited within his mind for months, perhaps years. He swallowed a large breath of air before releasing his jaw to bequeath upon me his most intimate desire.

“Write the f-----g preview before Monday morning, you cunt.”

I chuckled, mostly out of fear, before producing this perfectly GIFed reaction.

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford

So let’s do it! Comic Preview is here to tell you what looks good, what doesn’t and what is downright awful. No, not the comics within the covers, but the covers themselves!

WTF? Category

Where we don’t understand, are insulted by or would rather stab our eyes with acid pops than look at these covers for various reasons.

Damsels #10

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford

Dave: So the colors are nice, but man is this cover flat and boring. If you’re going to have your characters stand around, at least do it in a interesting way or have them doing…something! This cover is like we caught them all gossiping and they just quickly stopped trying to act natural. Natural it ain’t.

Brendan: It’s very odd, isn’t it? The majority of this cover is clearly unpleasing to the eye, yet at the same time everything should work. The characters aren’t outright horrible, the background is colorful and well done yet it’s still off-putting. I would have to say that the quality is lost in the combination of aspects. It is no way a total failure, just more of a misstep.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Marco Rudy

Dave: I dig this cover, but then I hate the use of space. Spidey looks pretty menacing too. Also each villain gets a small but clear spot on the cover, with some nice architecture, but damn is it a small section of the page. Do the titles and creators need to take up over half the page?!

Brendan: It is a damned shame we don’t get more art on this cover because, like Dave said, what we do have is fantastically done. I wonder if this setup will be a running theme for this miniseries or if this is the only time we’ll be subject to this odd dividing of space. Also, can someone explain the top right character for me? Am I the only one who sees a pixelated chap with a toothy grin?

Crossed: Badlands #37

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Rafael Ortiz

Brendan: Since we seem to be doing WTF covers that we actually kinda like this week I thought I would offer up this Crossed cover. I think it’s a well done and interesting design and I especially love the distinct lack of shock-gore. At the same time, I feel that the cover, especially the grim reaper figure, could probably use a bit of brighter colors. I know the whole point of Crossed is “dark and gritty” but I feel like we’re losing some amazing details within the morose reds and blacks.

Dave: I’m a little confused by the cover; as Brendan says, we’re losing something here. Is the skeleton a cloud, or completely separate from the clouds behind him? Not really getting it. The bottom seems a bit blank too, but I do like the detail in that skeleton though.

Dave’s Honorable Mentions

All New Executive Assistant Iris #2

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Francis Manapul

Dave: I sure do dig a cover that tells a story, especially one that rivals most Hollywood posters. This piece of work is particularly striking as our female protagonist has some sick detail on her leg, and a boss expression. I dig the cards fluttering and chips too, and really the only downside I can see is the less than perfect face at the bottom right and figures on the left. They seem rushed in some way. The coloring pops nicely too.

Brendan: But it says right on the image that this isn’t the final cover David! They could change the entire product before it is shipped off into our greasy mitts! The could fix the face! They could un-rush the rushed characters! They could make that lady into a dude! WE JUST DON’T KNOW!

Brendan’s Honorable Mentions

Hinterkind #1

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Greg Tocchini

Brendan: There is some fun stuff going on in this field! I love the playful perspective and the general chaotic sensation that comes from this cover. The characters are all well drawn and the colors are light and interesting.

Dave: Wow, everything at the top of the globe is simply phenomenal, and the choice of purple really pops with the sky blue. I also like how the grass at the bottom grounds everything so that it feels complete.

All New X-Men #17

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Arthur Adams

Brendan: All that I can say is that I love the detail on this cover. That sprawling residential tower is vivid and intriguing. On top of that, our simple characters are incredibly well drawn and I adore the burst of light that emanates from Magik’s blade.

Dave: Man, if only that glow was more prominent and was actually lighting the entire scene! That would have taken this beautiful cover to another level. I like how the sword pops though and how small Beast and Magik look amongst the hovel. It’s a daring cover to do since 90% has nothing to do with the heroes that sell these funny books, but that’s precisely the point.

Dave’s Cover of the Week

Catalyst Comix #4

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford
Rafael Grampá

Dave: Hoo boy, I do love me this cover. The hair is exquisite, and our Amazing Grace is made more amazing with the abstract shapes going on around her fists. Somehow the shapes match up nicely with her posture, giving her a controlled and powerful look. I also dig her hips and thighs. They aren’t stick thin like say, J. Scott Campbell would draw, but realistic.

Brendan: I love the complex simplicity of this cover. It’s a rare talent that I wish more artists invoked. When beginning at the bottom you feel this is almost a silhouetted style, yet when you get to the first glove followed by the minute details of the red shirt you realize there has been great effort put into this cover. After that you are met with the fantastic prism color show and that unreasonably beautiful hair. It’s fantastic.

Brendan’s Cover of the Week

Savage Wolverine #9

Comic Preview: 10/2/13 – Globes, Gore and Robert Redford

Brendan: Hope you like pink! I sure do. This fantastic landscape is just mesmerizing to me. I love the use of different textures to relate depth and scale. Also, I really enjoy the fact that our figures are so miniscule. It creates senses of danger and helplessness that I find intriguing.

Dave: I can’t stop looking at that stream. How angelic and peaceful this cover is, yet it is juxtaposed nicely with the massive and overbearing moon. The combination of both creates a compelling and thought provoking scene.

Jock is an artist where, if you were to sneak into a national museum as Banksy did and stick this on the wall next to a masterpiece I’m more than certain it’d take a week or more for someone to notice.

Single Issue Comics To Be Released This Week

This is a cleaned up list via Comic availability subject to change.

Crossed Badlands #37 (Rafael Ortiz Regular Cover), $3.99
God Is Dead #2 (Of 6)(Jacen Burrows End Of Days Cover), $3.99
Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath #11 (German Erramousepe Gore Cover), $3.99
Uber #6 (Caanan White Wraparound Cover), $3.99

Aliens Vs Parker #1 (Of 4)(Joe Quinones Emerald City Comicon Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $9.99
Garfield #18 (Cover A Gary Barker & Lisa Moore), $3.99
Hit #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Ryan Sook), $3.99
Robocop Last Stand #3 (Of 8)(Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Suicide Risk #6 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99
Suicide Risk Volume 1 TP, $3.99

Catalyst Comix #4 (Of 9), $2.99
Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #1 (Of 8), $3.99
Occultist #1 (Of 5)(Steve Morris Regular Cover), $3.50
Star Wars #2 (Of 8)(Lucas Draft)(Nick Runge Regular Cover), $3.99

Action Comics #24 (Tyler Kirkham Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman Arkham City Batman Statue , $124.95
Batman Black And White #2 (Of 6), $4.99
Batwing #24, $2.99
DC Comics Essentials Batman #1, $1.00
Detective Comics #24 (Jason Fabok Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #24 (Jason Fabok Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Detective Comics #24 (Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $3.99
Earth 2 #16 (Juan Doe Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Earth 2 #16 (Juan Doe Regular Cover), $2.99
Fairest #20, $2.99
Forever Evil #2 (Of 7)(David Finch & Richard Friend Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Green Arrow #24 (Andrea Sorrentino Regular Cover), $2.99
Green Lantern #24 (Billy Tan Regular Cover), $2.99
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #6, $2.99
Hinterkind #1 (Greg Tocchini Regular Cover), $2.99
Looney Tunes #215, $2.99
Movement #5, $2.99
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #38, $2.99
Stormwatch #24 (not verified by Diamond), $2.99
Swamp Thing #24, $2.99
Trillium #3 (Of 8), $2.99
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #12, $2.99
Witching Hour #1 (One Shot)(Jenny Frison Regular Cover), $7.99

Black Bat #6 (Jae Lee Regular Cover), $3.99
Codename Action #2 (Of 6)(Art Baltazar Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Codename Action #2 (Of 6)(Jae Lee Regular Cover), $3.99
Lady Rawhide #2 (Of 5)(Joseph Michael Linser Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #6 (Jonathan Lau Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #6 (Paolo Rivera Regular Cover), $3.99
Miss Fury Digital #2 (Of 2)(Fritz Casas Regular Cover), $3.99
Mocking Dead #2 (Of 4)(Bill Tortolini Regular Cover), $3.99
Mocking Dead #2 (Of 4)(Max Dunbar Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Pathfinder Goblins #3 (Of 5)(Alberto Jimenz Alburquerque Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Pathfinder Goblins #3 (Of 5)(Jennifer Meyer Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow Now #1 (Of 6)(Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover), $3.99

Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #9 (Of 12)(Cover A Francesco Francavilla), $3.99
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #194 (Cover A S. L. Gallant), $3.99
G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #7 (Cover A Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Jinnrise #7 (Cover A Elizabeth Torque), $3.99
KISS Kids #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Jose Holder), $3.99

Activity #15, $3.50
Bedlam #9, $3.50
Blackacre #11, $2.99
Bushido #1 (Of 5), $2.99
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 Cover A David Marquez), $4.99
Elephantmen #51, $3.99
Invincible Universe #7, $2.99
Lazarus #4, $2.99
Mara #6 (Of 6), $2.99
Mind The Gap #15 (Cover B Dan McDaid), $2.99
Morning Glories #32, $3.50
Reality Check #2, $2.99
Spawn #236, $2.99
Think Tank #9 (Cover B Signed Vanity Edition), AR
Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #6 , $2.99

All-New X-Men #17 (Ed McGuinness Regular Cover), $3.99
Captain America Living Legend #1 (Of 4)(Adi Granov Regular Cover)(resolicited), $3.99
Daredevil Dark Nights #5 (Of 8), $2.99
Fantomex MAX #1 (Of 4), $3.99
Halo Oversized Collection HC, $49.99
Hunger #3 (Of 4), $3.99
Infinity The Hunt #2 (Of 4), $3.99
Iron Man #16, $3.99
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 (Of 5)(Marco Rudy Regular Cover), $3.99
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #1 (Joe Caramagna Regular Cover), $3.99
Mighty Avengers #2 (Greg Land Regular Cover), $3.99
New Avengers Breakout Prose Novel MMPB, $7.99
Savage Wolverine #9 (Jock Regular Cover), $3.99
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #4 (Paulo Siqueira Regular Cover), $2.99
Thor And The Mighty Avengers, $7.99
Thunderbolts #16, $2.99
What If AvX TP, $16.99

Quantum And Woody #4, $3.99
Shadowman #11 (Marcus To Regular Cover), $3.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Giant-Size 2013 (Cover A Pasquale Qualano), $5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Down The Rabbit Hole #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Sean Chen), $2.99

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