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Is It Good? Rocket Girl #1 Review

Time for a new Image series! I haven’t had the best run of luck this year with Image’s output, most of the titles being pretty mediocre with certain exceptions here and there. However, I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Do we have another winner on our hands, like my gut implies? Is it good?

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Rocket Girl #1 (Image Comics)

Rocket Girl #1 Cover

In the far distant future of 2013 (I remember it as if it was only yesterday), teenage police detective Dayoung Johansson heads into the past (or as the book calls it, the present) of 1986. A huge company called Quintum Mechanics is apparently doing shady business and Dayoung decides to head back in time to stop them when they first started trouble. However, she has a problem. She can’t return home.

Rocket Girl 01 01
Fun fact: It was totally hip for female scientists to their dye their hair pink in the 80’s.

Outside of reading American comics, I also read a lot of Japanese manga. I enjoy trying a wealth of different entities when it comes to reading. I bring this up because this book gives off a manga vibe: teenage protagonist with powers, technology, or skills beyond normal humans that is given focus; the silly antics and reactions; even the overall feel of the debut issue is a lot like a first issue to a shonen (book aimed at young boys) comic.

What I mean by that is that we are given the setup and bit of the world but not too much so we get interested in seeing more. The character is given enough development so we can get attached to them even if we don’t have their backstory yet and the whole story feels like a done in one with some minor plot elements to dive into the future.

This comic is something I would give to a Manga fan who is interested in trying American comics

It’s very familiar is what I’m getting at and that is not really a bad thing at all. In fact, this comic is something I probably would give to a Manga fan who is interested in trying American comics. However, it still feels like a first issue. It does enough to get the audience’s attention and keep them slightly interested in seeing the next issue, but it really needs to pick things up if it wants to keep everyone around for long. Also, the dialogue could use some amelioration since some scenes are just big exposition drops that don’t have much emotion or energy to them.

The artwork is by Amy Reeder and looks great here. All the characters look very different and have great expressions, the action is solid when it is there, the scenery is beautiful, and the color and inking is fantastic. It really makes the comic standout a lot and helps with keeping your attention on the story. Certainly one of the brighter and livelier stories Image is putting out these days.

Rocket Girl 01 02
This is happening in 2013 remember. In only two months from now, New York is going to look like this.


  • Brandon Montclare’s writing is good.
  • Great looking artwork by Amy Reeder.
  • Some of the dialogue is weak.
  • Mostly setup.

Is It Good?

Yes and no. This is not a bad comic at all and does a good job with getting everything set up so the rest of the series can build from here. However, it feels like a very typical first issue that lacks a real strong hook to make you really want to read more. Let’s see in the coming months if Rocket Girl improves upon its solid base.


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