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Is It Good? Zero #2 Review

I was so-so with the last issue, but I still thought it was alright and had some potential. With the second issue and a new artist, let’s see what this comic can bring now. Is it good?

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Zero #2 (Image Comics)

Zero #2 Cover

Set several years before the first issue, we get to see Zero out on his first mission. He is assigned to kill Keiran Connelly, a former head of the IRA who is said to have given up the old life. But the agency that Zero works for doesn’t believe that sort of thing and wants him to kill the guy. Oh by the way, Zero happens to be a kid at this point.

This comic was pretty underwhelming. Nothing about it really stands out or is engaging. You don’t really care about the main character since there really isn’t much shown in his early years that really makes him unique or different. The rest of the characters are blank slates that leave no impression at all. In fact, once I went through the comic again, I was surprised I forgotten about some of them, like Zero’s handler or his friend.

Besides the characters though, there’s not much else to chew on here. Dialogue is there, but it leaves no impression outside of one colorful metaphor (someone’s taken a written creative writing course!). The mission itself that Zero does is not really interesting with it being a generic hit mission, though one aspect that happens confuses me, and is mostly just one long setup that is painfully obvious with Zero being unable to kill the guy. The training that Zero and the kids have to go through to become agents is kind of interesting, but that’s really it. The writing is just so hollow and empty.

Zero 2 01
Why do you people look like cartoon characters?

Though even if the writing was good, the artwork is certainly not helping matters at all. Instead of the David Aja art clone from last issue, we’ve got Tradd Moore on art duties. His style does not at all fit the tone of the story, with the art being cartoonish and goofy looking at points. Plus, at many points, the body proportions and faces become so ridiculous that it pulls you out of the comic. It’s just so hard to take this comic seriously.


  • The training scenes are kind of interesting.
  • The two extra features at the end are neat.
  • The characters aren’t really memorable.
  • Writing by Ales Kot is a bit dull here.
  • The artwork by Tradd Moore does not fit the story at all.

Is It Good?

I said there was potential last issue, but not with a boring tale made of old and used story beats from previous spy and assassins stories. Plus, with forgettable characters and artwork that does not fit this story, there is just nothing here to recommend. Zero #2 is a gigantic skip.


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