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Is It Good? Ghosted #5 Review

And so the first arc of Ghosted comes to an end (frankly, the issue should have come out last month to line up with Halloween, but hey, what do I know about timing?) and it is gearing up to be a pretty great. However, will it be? Is it good?

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Ghosted #5 (Image Comics)

Jackson Winters and his surviving team members have got their ghost, but they are trapped inside of the mansion as the ghosts surround them all. At the last second, Anderson seems to plan on taking the ghost back to Markus herself, but Winters is the man with a plan. A very special plan for how to deal with their current problem and this new one as well.

I’m going to be honest here, the story feels very strange and off in its plotting. A couple of twists, revelations, and plot points don’t seem to make very much sense or appear to come out of nowhere when there wasn’t a hint of it previously. Take for instance the fact that Rusnak turned out to be a double agent, appearing to work for Winters’ team alone but really for Markus all along until somehow Winters figures this out and pays her off. This feels very contrived since there was no hint of it and since her original betrayal ends up not really meaning anything (if you take out this whole double agent aspect, the plot does not even remotely change). Then there is Markus’ curse and the logic of how that works; it’s all quite vague and it really needs more explanation behind it. There is also the question of why exactly the ghosts didn’t attack everyone before you-know-who does what when they already slaughtered the reality TV people previously. Some things just feel off here.

Sorry, unless you dosed those bullets in holy water, I highly doubt shooting things is the solution.

Despite the weirdness of how the plot moves with its twists and turns, it ended rather reasonably well overall. I do think the ending works and if it was to say, end before the final two pages, it would have been a fine finale. I find the last pages tacked on and really unnecessary, since the whole story is over before that, and the rest just feels artificial. Still, decent enough ending with the fates of each character still left standing.

The rest of the writing is reasonable as well. The pacing was goodt and nothing felt like filler or padding. The dialogue and exchanges between one another were also good, except in the parts where the story felt off in its plotting. This issue also unveils the backstory of Winters and how he truly felt about his last score with his team before he went to prison. I must say, it is a bit confusing in how exactly he felt about it then and now. Did or does he care about the past or his team now? How he puts it also feels a bit off.

What about the artwork itself. It is good overall and fits the tone quite well. All the scenes with the ghosts and the possession look very good. Coloring and shading help along with that and getting the creepy atmosphere in a good place in some parts. Outside of one artistic flub (someone gets bitten and shows absolutely no signs of a bite mark in later pages), I think the art works overall.

Oh no! She’s leaking red paint!


  • The ending was decent overall.
  • The artwork was enjoyable and fit the story well enough.
  • A lot of the plotting, twists, and character bit feel rather weak or poorly put together.

Is It Good?

Ghosted #5 is goodish. There are definitely good moments to it, the artwork is decent, and I find the ending is pretty good overall despite some nitpicks. However, some of the plotting on issue is very suspect and some twists and backstories are very questionable in how they are presented to the audience. If you enjoyed the series up until now, you’ll want to check it out and see how the first arc concludes, but I don’t see it as great enough to get the audience pumped for the second arc in January.


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